Low end Audi vs. Top end Jetta?

I was looking at the performance numbers between the low end A4 and the top of the line Jetta, and they were the same.  The difference is $7000.  Any other differences between the two cars?...besides the Jetta being gay...

well the jetta is mighty gay.

It's about the same car. But the Jetta has better resale value.

not even close to being the same car.

a better comparison would be between an A4 and a Passat. they're the same size and based on the same platform but there's still a huge difference. many things look similar but the parts, material/build quality and fit-n-finish of the A4 are far superior.

both the Jetta and Passat are made in PUEBLA, MEXICO with almost all Mexican parts(including engine and tranny).

the A4 is built in INGOLSTADT, GERMANY with almost all German parts.

are they really that unreliable?  I've heard about VW problems, but audi too?

Audi's are very reliable. the only problem model recently was the 99-00 A6 2.7T.

i've had 3 Audi's (4000,90,A4) for more then 400k miles combined and the only problem i ever had was a power window that went of track in my 90.

also, if you're buying a new Audi you don't have to worry about anything for 4 years. oil changes, 5k-15k 30k-45k+ services, new wipers, light bulbs, speakers or anything that goes wrong is taken care of free of charge. they'll also give you another Audi to drive while yours is being worked on.

"Audi's are very reliable."

My friend's A4 has been in the shop at least 10 times. ..and still 3 idiot lights on the dash are still on.


"both the Jetta and Passat are made in PUEBLA, MEXICO"

I think the Passat is still made in Germany

"I think the Passat is still made in Germany"

the only VWs still made in Germany are the GTI and Phaeton.

the Golf, Jetta, Beetle and Passat have been made in Mexico for a while.

Touaregs are made in Slovakia.