Low end watch question

Newest strap I got


I wonder if people are still buying watches as investments. I heard Chinese were buying multiple Rolex watches as a way to protect their wealth and escape capital controls

I have 2 of these 350’s. Perfect daily beaters IMO.

Also be careful of those Russian knock-offs…

Look at that limp little pencil wrist!

Got these in the mail today, both brand new. Citizen automatic for $99 shipped and a Orient open heart Bambino for $129 shipped.

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Really like the right one. Very sophisticated

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I just wear a fitness watch (Huwei GT2 Pro) … gets the job done for looking not too terrible and tracking runs and cycling… I can change screen graphics to stuff my old ass eyes can actually read with reading glasses.

Also used to wear this older Invicta watch (i think they are cheap) because it was my grandpa’s and looked kind of cool, I gave it to my son.

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People shit on Invicta. They make cheap watches, its true. There is the whole disdain for homage watches. Ive never seen one in person but in pics they look cool as hell. Shit, a watch such as Invicta is a marvel of engineering compared to the not so distant past.

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Which do you like better?

The Citizen is fantastic. It’s light on the wrist, looks good and I like the minimalist approach. The Orient is great, a little heavier but not very noticeable or distracting. I wore it yesterday to a family event and got asked about it three times. I have many watches, but I think the Citizen will be my every day wearer. I bought my wife the open heart Orient Stella, which looks just like the Bambino but at 36mm. We’re lame and will both wear the Orients together whenever we go out.


What model is this thing?

Can’t remember but I can find it later.

I’m actually planning to sell it to fund another purchase.

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What is the model number of the citizen? it would make a great dress watch.

Citizen NH8350-08B

Creation watches has it on sale for $81. They ship out of Singapore, but they’re legit. I ordered a watch from them once on Tuesday and had it here in Minnesota Friday morning. At this price I’m tempted to grab a second one.

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