low limit books question

I'm getting Lee Jones book, but want another low to mid limit book. Any suggestions?

The Lee Jones book is plenty for now. Better to stick with one book, and learn the concepts inside an out. Trust me, I speak from experience. :(

First of all I agree with PR, and the Lee Jones book is a great place to start out, he puts a lot of good information into a very small book, so make sure to read it a few times over.

However, after you've read the Lee Jones book and have played and gotten a decent amount of experience so you understand the game, what's going on, what to look out for, etc. After that I really liked Small Stakes Hold'em by Ed Miller, David Sklansky, and Mason Malmuth. It really took what Lee Jones covered, explained parts in more detail and was all about how to adapt to loose tables (which lower limit games usually are).

After that I liked Middle Limit Holdem by Bob Ciaffone. I felt it was a good book that covered a lot of different situations rather well. It's also more for middle limit games where players aren't as loose, so I feel it helps to round out the information you would've picked up from Small Stakes Hold'em, however it's not the easiest book to read, it's basically just straight text the whole way through, paragraphs of text aren't even broken up (spaced out) that much so the pages often look very densly packed.

But an important thing to note is that the above books are pretty much all about playing Limit games, not No Limit. Another thing to make sure of is like what PR said, read one book (or maybe just a section of a book) make sure you know it well and can apply it to your game. Then build upon that with more, but don't just read one book straight through, play a little, then pick up the next book. YOu really need the information to sink in and for you to be able to apply the pieces to your game piece by piece so that they become more second nature to you and your gameplay rather then being ideas you have to think about or try to remember while playing.

Those are just a few books which I feel have helped me, but I'm still a beginner and I haven't read as many books as other people on here