Low-Limit War

 Spent a brutal 6+ hours last night playing 3-6 hold em @ Commerce.  

 I started off really bad.  Kept getting killed on the river.  I was down $200 and had pulled out my last $50.  It seemed like everyone in the table kept taking turns slapping me around.  I started playing very tightly when I was down about $150.  I just couldnt catch anything.  Suddenly I decided to switch gears because I felt my table image was tight at that point.  I was stealing pots left and right with absolutely nothing(which is very hard to do in low limit in the first place).  That allowed me to keep my head above water for a while. 

 FINALLY, I started catching some cards and came roaring back.  I started jamming the pot, check raising, trapping, every trick in the book you can use for low limit.  This one old lady who had been playing in the table even before me and had witnessed the ass-kickings I took earlier, commented (in a shaky old lady voice)"You're showing a lot of heart young man."  That made me feel pretty good.  I almost wanted to take her home that night.  hahahaha

 Anyways, after grinding it out for 6+ hours of poker, I regained my losses and even took home a WHOPPING $21.  WOOHOO!

lol That's hilarious! Good comeback!

Oh, and by the way: tf, p?

i was there last night too. let me know the next time you are going and i'll say hi. nice come back.