Low Side kicks

I was wondering if the low side kick is allowed in kickboxing or mma. I have spared with alot of people that used it to cover the distance before coming in with a lot of punches. But I have never seen it in completion. I didn't know that since the main aim of the kick is to the knee that maybe it is not allowed I know that in the streets it can be very useful if aim at the shin. But u would be wasting your time on someone that trains there shin.

From what I gather, It is used extensively in Professional San Shou. Especially by the Chinese National team.

Yours, Beev

I think I recall lkfmdc stating that side kicks to the knee were allowed in pro san shou.

I could be wrong though.

Yours, Beev

side kicks directly to the knee are legal even in AMATEUR san shou!!!! We just don't use them in US, an unspoken agreement among US teams because we are pretty close, friendly even :)