Low Testosterone?

I’m 41. I’m 5’8”, 165lbs.
I do BJJ 2x a week. I no longer roll hard and only for 10-15 minutes a session. I jog 2-3x a week for 30 minutes or so but my pace is very Zone 2’ish with a few Zone 4 minutes sprinkled in. I do 5/3/1 3x a week but I keep it to the main lifts w/ some pull-ups and Pendlay rows. I don’t do the BBB program. I keep things very basic so that my body can recover.

Some of you may not get it, but I wouldn’t do this for ego lifting, to get shredded, or to get an erection. That’s fine and all but if it could help improve energy levels, reduce inflammation, improve mental clarity, promote a positive outlook, and help me sleep better, it’d be well worth it to me.

Jamie, different body types, different strengths buddy. I’ve seen string beans pull 400 and struggle with 225lbs squats. I always thought that was odd. I have short stubby legs. My wife who’s 5’3” has legs the same length as mine. My deadlifts and squats were about the same for the longest time and didn’t start to go up until I started training low bar.

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Agree with this guy 100%. Except for the erection part.

Also, stretch. Stretching isn’t for flexibility it’s for mobility.


I sort of buy into the IYMF philosophy to a large degree.

But at the end of the day, you can’t ignore the effect of body fat and sleep on your well being.

I am 45 and admit I am overweight but working to get back to the glory days. I workout 4-5 days a week but do mostly cardio and machine workouts for my legs. I can’t do upper body or any free weights due to a SLAP and rotator tear that I am having surgery to fix in September. I try to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night and do intermittent fasting on weekdays. I need to clean up my diet but I am still getting weight loss results. I am down 13 pounds this year and have noticeable muscle gain and better recovery. Big fan of TRT.


Wow, you’re pretty dumb.

OP, I’d recommend checking out a couple of other threads on this where a lot of us share our experiences and insight on dealing with low T, testosterone replacement therapy and even steroid cycles and we discuss everything from TRT, natural supplementation and everything in between, including things like getting a sleep study done/ using a CPAP. They’re much more detailed than what I’m seeing here and there aren’t near as many idiots like this guy commenting in them.


It’s not a placebo, Testosterone makes you feel like a God.


I’m 47, been on it for about 6 months. My levels were at 240. They are now at 750 on my last day before shots. Sleep is better, brain fog is gone. I’m lifting heavy and am barely sore the next day. It’s amazing. I wish i would have started years ago.


High testosterone levels is what makes adolescent males feel like they are invincible, high testosterone levels are responsible for every war ever won in human history. The idea that testosterone making you feel better is a placebo is retarded lol.


True, but if you are really needing T replacmemt, then replacement should be taking you back up to normal levels, not high levels where you are raging and shit. Thus proving you weren’t low to begin with.

Low T is the male equivalent of women with fibromyalgia.

Does replacement mean normal for your age or normal for the average adolescent?

And I’m still leery of the long term side effects.

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My understanding is that it is normal for a 20 year old. So between 800 and 1000. The only issue that you need to keep an eye on is hemacrit. That will go up with TRT. Easy fix though. Just donate blood every 3-4 months.


Depends on the doctor.


I don’t think there is a consensus yet from studies about what is optimal.

I truly 100% think we will move towards hormone therapy as standard anti aging treatment with probably some mitigation around some of the issues. As mentioned donating blood seems to be pretty important.

Im like 80% sure I’m going to jump on some trt after I’m done having kids. I do worry a bit that maybe I’m a bit early and it might be better to wait until the protocol is sorted out a bit more.

My levels are like 550 but id rather be closer to 1000.


Wait until you are done with kids and then I would consider clomid if you are naturally at 550. It will get you up to 900 with natural T production. I did that for 4 years before I got on the cream.

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I’ve been on it for almost 3 years now. The first few months… Like someone else said, your sex-drive is going to go retarded for a few months. Seems like your body kind of settles into it after while though.

It’s not a miracle drug or anything though. It’s a little euphoric when you first start. You feel good again and have energy again. Then about a year into it you just get used to it. You have a tad more self-motivation but the biggest thing is you won’t get sore after workouts. You can just go day after day and never get sore.

Before starting, mine was about 270 or so. I opted to just pay for it from a clinic. If you ever decide to come off, the clinic can prescribe you something to jump start your own production and you’ll just go back to where you were.

Try this

This is the OP

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What is clomid? Im approaching 40 so its time to turn back the clock

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Inject .35ml of 200mg test C every 3.5 days

5mg daily of tadafidil

It’s pretty much god tier

You’ll have your energy back, libido, muscle will come back very easily.

You’ll also have Diamond cutters like never before.