lower ab exercises

Hey what are some good lower ab exercises? I need stuff that can be done at home, so if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.

leg lifts

what exactly are you trying to accomplish, you of the un-typeable screen name?

I swear the only thing I can to that leaves my lower abs really sore the next day is backflips lol. Obviously not the reason I do them but after I've been practicing them the bottom of my stomach is a wreck. Take it for what its worth.

jonwell, the exercises are for my sister who claims she is getting some flab. She is skinnier than I am but she wants to get rid of the "flab" so I said I would try to find some lower ab stuff for her to do. I have already giver her some basic ab workouts but she says that she doesnt feel it in her lower abs.

BackwardsMan - L-sits are good...


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Legion-X is 100% correct Backwardsman. Check the 'saved thrds' section for more info on fat loss- Has nothing to do with exercising specific areas.

back summies hit the lower portion of my abs (notice portion and not lower abs) hard. A bunch in a night and they are sore.

back flips have no affect on me.

And diet is key to losing the extra 'flab' and get her to do some cardio or interval sprints. Her choice.


EricM is very correct. I'll be her personal trainer since you're my buddy, you can thank me later.

As you can see from some of the comments here, there are no lower abs, so all exercises for the abs, will work the whole section. Personally, i dont agree. I do agree they are one muscle group, but different exercises stress different areas, of the same muscle. Try lying on your back, with the legs straight up. Have someone stand by your head, so you can grab their ankles. Keeping the legs pointing straight up, raise and lower your legs. Just enough to get the lower back off the floor. You will know when you are working the lower abs, believe me.( You can bend your knees slightly if need be ). Just my humble opinion!!

I thought we had all agreed, the only excercise for the lower abs is standing a foot away from a brick wall and rapidly flexing forward at the waist for 10 sets of 20 reps whilst repeating

'There is no such thing as upper and lower abs...There is no such thing as upper and lower abs...There is no such thing as upper and lower abs...'

Hey Joey I will present that idea to her and then I'll get abck to as to what her response is. Thanks guys. I will have her try osome of these exercises but I have already given her a few so maybe we will try the running thing.

While there is no such thing as lower abs, leg raises and the like certainly make you sore and seem to develop the lower portion of the rectus abdominis while crunches and the like seem to affect the upper portion. Bodybuilders have been developing different aspects of the same muscle for years doing different exercises at different angles for the same bodypart. Skinny scientists (who should be listened to about 10% of the time), however, will tell you silly things like incline presses and flat presses will give you the same development in the chest, shoulders and triceps. If bodybuilders adhered to such folly their would be a lot of crappy physiques on the Olympia stage. While it is important to understand muscle origin, insertion and function, different exercises will effect the muscles differently so don't rely on formal studies (which are almost always flawed) for your information. Use trial and error as your guide (and talk to people who have achieved something in the world of strength and phyical development). Once you learn about yourself and how you respond to certain movements then much of the unsolicited advice offered (typically by personal trainders that can't squat a broom stick) will become irrelevant.

lol I bet naMsdrawkcaB could kick your ass.

"Skinny scientists (who should be listened to about 10% of the time)"

come on, this is ridiculous...

clean up her diet? legion can you not read? she is skinnier than i am, and i weigh 131. she weighs about 115. She really doesnt need it but you know how girls can be. they always think that they are fat or need to lose weight.

Suggest a therapist then.

Ditto with LEGION-X.

She may 'only' weigh 115lbs but she still has fat in whatever region she has.

If she cleaned up her diet and did some weights and or cardio she will be leaner. You ever see a fat dancer or ballet person that was good? Probably not as they exercise a lot and have a clean or semi cleaned diet. The more work and exercise you do the more you can slack off on your diet overall.

Or that she is just made and actually needs a therapist!


Yeah I presented the idea of running but she says she doesnt have time. Yeah right. If she is serious about losing this so called flab she will make time to run and do the exercises i have alrady given her. I dont think she has been doing them like she should.