what do yall think, should loyalty be earned by both sides, the instructor and the student?

everyday life in America greatly effects this, but in general, if you are not happy somewhere, move on.

In my opinion, if you are unhappy with the training somewhere, you should try to determine exactly what it is that you do not like, then discuss it with your instructor. If he isn't willing or able to help change the thing you are unhappy with, it is perfectly reasonable to leave.

what i dont like is all these teachers who want loyalty from their students, but the only thing they are loyal to is their students pocket books.

I agree with Andre and JJDave.


Of course Loyalty is a 2 way street. A soldier is "loyal" to his country for many reasons though. For some it is for the opportunnity afforded them. For others it is freedom to say or think what you want. Still , for others it is because their family lives in that country and they want to protect the place wqhere their family is. I am "loyal" to my coach/training partner because of my belief in his competence (did I spell that right?), his ability to get me where I want to go, and my appreciation for the growth I have already achieved with him. If any of those 3 items were lacking i would be less loyal. If 2 of the 3 I would be even less loyal. If none of the three were true I would not be loyal. Hopefully my coach has some loyalty to me. He shows that loyalty by being honest with me. Telling me what I am doing wrong and how to improve. Giving me his "A"game when I am ready and working with me when i am not. By being honest with me and telling me he does not know what I should do and helping me figure something out to try. If i don't pay my dues,on time, he may becomne less loyal. If I don't show up to train regularly and be ready to train, he may become less loyal. If I don't listen to his advice and honestly try to make it work he may become less loyal. If I talk bad about him , behind hgius back and discourage others from training with him or hurting his other students He may lose loyalty to me. Just a few of my thoughts.

I totaly agree, and when a teacher says that he doesnt try hard when teaching because he only charges $80 a month, thats not loyalty.

Man big dave, who could we be talking about?? Haha, just kidding bro. See you on the mats...

JJD, yup! If he say's he won't try hard teaching for whatever reason, then he should lose some loyalty. Mine charges only $35 , and he comes up with some good classes and gives good advice. Sure he is unaffiliated, and no official rank, but the proof is when you roll with him. And his tips, skills are always based on sound principles that make sense. But he does this because he loves it. I do think there comes a time when you need a good training partner more than an instructor. With all the books, videos, seminars and privates , after you master the basics (if one ever masters the basics) some times just floating around will do. Like the Samarai of old gaining information from instruyctors and then moving on when the teacher can impart nothing more of value.

I believe a person either has loyalty or not in just about every aspect of his life. He's not going to change and if it's important to an instructor, he should look for that kind of student. Otherwise, he should accept that a sense of loyalty varies from one person to another and there's no sense getting bent out of shape when a guy dosen't live up to your expectations.

Is a guy (student or teacher) going to be loyal? How does he treat his wife? How does he talk about his friends when they arn't there. It's not hard to figure out.

There has to be a loyalty on both ends. I've had to deal with this on a few occasions where, one simply doesn't put the time into you but you put your time an money into them, you praise one and the degrade you, and you put work into your gym and they don't do the same. Loyalty should be eard and given where it is due.

There's an obvious vibe in the clubs i've trained in so far. On one hand is the instructor who loves his art and even more so loves sharing his knowledge of that art with everyone who is interested in learning from him, the two day white belt and the seasoned competitor alike, even people who just stop in to see what's going on inside the club, and on the other hand is the guy who does it because he'd rather do something he enjoys for a living than work a typical 9-5. Both have good intentions, but its natural to stick by the side of someone who enjoys teaching for teachings sake and to say cya to the guy who's in it primarily for himself. If i get the feeling dude is primarily concerned about my monthy 100$, then im out.