LPGA pulls event out of Portland due to violence, lol

LPGA Pulls Tournament From Portland Venue Over Concerns About Player Safety, Homeless Encampment

The city of Portland has had a tumultuous year.

Mass protests — some would call riots — took place for months on end after the death of George Floyd, the city removed $15 million from the Portland Police Bureau’s budget, and homelessness has become a major issue. According to The Daily Wire, Portland saw 50 murders in 2020 — a 52% increase from the 33 murders in 2019.

One of Oregon’s longest annual golf events — the LPGA Cambia Portland Classic — has taken notice and is moving its 2021 tournament away from Portland to Oregon Golf Club in West Linn.

The decision was made due to safety concerns, as organizers of the tournament cited a nearby homeless encampment as the reason for the move.

“It was a really tough decision,” said Tom Maletis, president of the Tournament Golf Foundation. “We are frustrated and disappointed about the move. But it’s just something that we feel is best for the tournament and everyone involved.” The Tournament Golf Foundation is the Portland-based nonprofit organization that runs the event.


Don’t they know how mean the streets of West Linn are?


Who would have thought allowing your city to be overran by filthy Communist terrorists would have negative unintended consequences?


Good. I have zero empathy for Ted Wheeler, the DA and the city council. I hope this happens over and over.


Good…exactly what needs to happen


Portland and Seattle are no longer American cities. I truly feel bad for good people living there but these cities are too far gone to be a normal again. Good people need to move out of these Communist hotspots. They are beyond reproach.


Bunch of racist lesbians, if you ask me!



Awesome…miss the guy…

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Wasn’t portland Mayor just begging people to visit Portland recently? Looks like it’s working.

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Wow. They just cost local businesses thousands in potential revenue from players and staff, and hundreds from the 50 fans that show up.

Oh, my mistake. I was thinking of the WNBA.


Disproportionate homicide rate increases don’t count because math is racist.

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It’s a shame how many once-great cities have been rendered unlivable shitholes by leftist weirdos. If you don’t believe that these people are a genuine threat to your way of life, you need look no further than places like Portland, Seattle, etc.


Happy Shirley Temple GIF

"Pansexual in the sheets.

Defecation in the streets"

-Portland, OR


Live footage from every corner of Portland right now:

It says Philadelphia but it’s really Portland.

A genderless blue-haired armpit mustache was seen ranting and screaming about Trump a few feet away afterwards.

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Lol, I think lpga is actually profitable. Lots of bored wives play golf.

That’s a fortune in tshirts right there.

Sacramento is pretty much lost. Was shocked 3 years ago when I was there.
Going back in September, will report on zombie levels.

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