Lucas "Skywalker" Breenan inks deal with LFA

Sorry if it's already been posted, but I love this kid, dad, family, and NG family.

Chris Brennan's son signed a multi-fight contract with Legacy Fighting Championship, where he will have 3 more amateur bouts, then make his pro-debut under the banner.

I was lucky enough to sponsor Lucas' first ammy fight, where he scored a 3rd round RNC, against a much more experienced fighter.

This kid is going to be a killer. He's a NoGi champion, beating a Brazilian champion black belt, as a purple belt. He's now a brown belt under his father. He is also the #1 ranked HS wrestler at 138 lbs in Texas. Only 17 years old, but I'm telling you, this kid is legit scary AF.

Can you imagine having Chris Brennan as your dad? Just think of his potential...


thats so awesome man!