Lucia Rijker

What is up with her? the last fight I heard about was earlier this year but nothing else... not a peep...I saw there was a but no longer...

I don't know, but she's one of the very few women fighters that are worth a shit. I really respect her, and would pay to watch her fight, which is more than I can say for 99.9% of the women boxers and MMA fighters out there. For some reason all the good women fighters seem to end up in kickboxing

She is scheduled to fight at a MMA event called It's Showtime in May in Holland. She'll be fighting Lisa Holewyne.

Lucia was the European Middleweight Kickboxing Champion for quite awhile if I'm not mistaken. She left that, and moved to America, hoping to make some larger paydays in boxing. Never really panned out as she hoped.

lots of women kickboxers go to boxing looking for more money. Kathy Long immediately comes to mind.

Mmmmmm... Lucia Rijker...

I remember seeing Kathy Long getting schooled by some gal with a sub .500 record on USA or ESPN a few years ago.

Like most kickboxers, Kathy never set down on her punches and the other girl just walked through them and would hammer her inside.

I thought that with her looks and background, Kathy would've been very marketable had she been able to convert.

I too would pay to watch her fight. Of all the lady boxers I've seen, Rijker is the one with the most serious skills.

Kathy Long actually had a really good left hook when she was a kickboxer. I think part of the problem kickboxers have in boxing is that 75% of their combinations are useless because they either start or end with a kick. It would be like boxing with just your right hand or something

wow! If she is doing MMA that would be awesome... I remember talking to her before about training grappling with Leka and she was interested in it but worried about her joints and hands, for boxing.. but maybe she sees more opportunities for matches this way...

The last time I saw her was a couple years ago? And Ive asked people at the gym about her here and there... I hope she gets the recognition she deserves.

Re: Kathy Long getting schooled ... well, I think part of it is also there is only so much you can do when youve put your body and mind through so much already... and age will play a factor as well, so with all these factors AND getting into a totally different sport and fighting after a short period of training in it, well...

and don't forget Kathy has broken her ribs a couple times, nose broken a few times, etc.

Ive also had the privilege to know Kathy as well... and her and Lucia are two major inspirations, their dedication and intensity in their training and mental toughness.

from Kathy Long "...I will get out on the track and I will sprint 880's with a minute rest in between. I'll do 5 to 6 of those. When I am finished those, I will run up and down the bleachers for a period of time. I'll get someone onto my back and I will carry them up which will condition my legs. When I am finished these, I will go back to the center of the football field and I will run wind sprints back and forth. I have started running with a 20 lb. weight vest. It really is very difficult.

Mike Miles: Is this done before you go to the gym?

Kathy Long: Yes, I do this in the morning. Sometimes I will even run at night as well. Usually a long 45 minutes or so. When I get to the gym, I will usually hit the bag for about 12 rounds. I then hit the focus mitts with excellent drills from my coach. I work on new tools as well keeping the basics sharp but adding in new things as well. I'm never allowed to feel complacent about what I am doing..."

and I can attest to her "Hell Day" workouts...and this was just a bit of all the training she was doing... she was training for a boxing match when I knew her and looked like cut marble when she was down to weight.