Lucifer's anger with God

Who here has a great grasp on why lucifer is
mad with God? Why did he disobey God?

I think he rebelled against God simply because
he feels he should be able to decide what is good
or bad cause he can think for himself rather than
just obey God all the time. Also because he is mad
at God for giving humans so much blessing of the
Earth and to be hire than Angels and to recieve
their service eventhough we are less than Angels
in some form of greatness. Also because God
shows humans infanite patience to sin where as
there is no mercy for an Angel who sins.

The same reason alot of people are angry at God. They say "my will be done" not "thy will be done"

I dont think he rebelled to be bad per se. The scriptures give us a picture of angels making choices. Perhaps lucifers rebellion was not in the grand scale, but rather a hint of rebellion someplace planted deep inside?

I think he is angry because he sees the position of favor that was once held by himself taken away from him. Since he is created in Gods image, and Gods image is in everything in creation, Lucifcer is constantly reminded everywhere and all the time what has been taken from him.

So in turn he accuses and tempts, with the knowledge of God. Since we depend on ourselves so much rather than on God, its easy for Lucifer to come accuse and tempt us.

It's a good question, on a number of levels. Thing is, I don't think we can ever know the answer because he himself is cloaked in so much misinformation.