Ludwig hires crazy girl to shit in Fabers house

No I totally made this up...just a joke. It woulda been crazy if he did tho, havin met Duane before and used to talk once in awhile,know he wuz laughing when he found out that happened!!! Phone Post 3.0

This guy...this is not my kind of guy. Phone Post 3.0

Ludwig sold her a bunch of peanut butter, made her eat it all, then turned her loose

Lol Phone Post 3.0

It's a definite possibility.

Funniest thread title I've seen in a while!

stolen from supercalo's twitter?

Ludwig's mofioso left turtle head in Faber's bed to let him know they mean business.

No, dnt know supercalo, but vote up Phone Post 3.0

Bang butter strikes again Phone Post 3.0

Dougie -

lol vtfu Phone Post 3.0


Dude....those NorCal Skaggs are on another level. That poor girl will lay off the booze for at least a week now. Lesson learned. Calaveras what! Phone Post 3.0