Ludwig / Masato /KID fight 2morrow

K-1 is having an event tomorrow with the following bouts and my picks. What are yours?

Masato vs Yilmaz: MASATO by KO


Narantungalag vs Kraus: KRAUS by KO

Duane Ludwig vs Parr: LUDWIG by KO

...I'll go with Kraus to win the tournamnet KOing Ludwig again if they meet up.

***MMA Match***

Valenti vs KID: KID by TKO

Ludwig by KO? Ludwig is good for sure, but have you ever seen JWP fight???

I wish good luck to Bang, Masato, and Kid Yamamoto.


I don't know anythihng about JWP. Please fill me in. Thanks.


Was ranked 8 at one time? How 'bout at THIS time? Like, right now. I'll go with Duane by decision due to the fact that he's my favorite fighter.

Okay. And with you bein' the grand authority over all things K-1, I'll still go with Duane by decision. BTW-Do you know how we can find out the results as early as possible? Thanks.

kick2dadome: I like Ludwig, but that was a rather inane post. Could you let us know what Ludwig is ranked in the Lumpinee standings? Or any of the other guys in the upcoming K-1 Max event?

Given the fact that Parr's tournament win in S-1 consisted of fighters such as Skarbowski and two very good Thais in Nungtrakaan and Suriya Sor Ploenchit (Who has a win over Masato), I'd say Parr's credentials are solid just off that....Let alone all the other things he has accomplished in kickboxing.

Parr was also the finalist for the 2002 K-1 Max Oceania Grand Prix, losing a controversial decision to Zambidis in the finals. In the semi-finals of the same event he KO'd Shane Chapman, who Albert Kraus could only squeak by on with a controversial decision win (In the 2002 World Max Grand Prix).

Ludwig's the underdog in this fight, but he definitely has a chance. It'll be exciting to find out who wins in this match-up.....It's one of the best fights on the card.

The only thing inane is putting up what somebody WAS ranked. What, exactly, is the relevance of a particular persons ranking last month, last year, etc.? I don't know what Parr is ranked now, and it doesn't matter anyway because I said I'm goin' with Duane due to the fact that he's my "favorite fighter", but if you can tell me I'll file it away with the rest of my "Who gives a shit" stuff.

Ah. Now that you got somebody else backin' you up, you're feelin' a little more talkative, eh. I'll tell you what, if you wanna call stayin' with your guy, regardless of what all the bandwagon players are predicting, regardless of the other guys ranking, if you wanna call that bein' on somebody's "nuts" then that's cool with me. It doesn't bother me because to use that terminology I would guess that you're either 14 years old and you watch way too much MTV, or you just like to talk about mens nuts. Either way-to each his own. However, I will tell you this, my friend-To stay loyal to a particular fighter, NBA team, pro football team, whatever-win or lose, shows far more character than just jumpin' around on the "flavor of the week" scene.

lol, Da Swede, I was going to explain to him what exactly Lumpinee rankings are, but I'll let him remain ignorant.

But aside from kick2dadome having made the only inane post on this thread, I'd like to hear from him what Ludwig IS ranked (Or even "WAS") in the Lumpinee rankings :)

Da Swede-I know Duane's not your pick in this one. And I think you pretty much always root against him, because I'm sure we got into a similar word-swap a while earlier about him. But I gotta believe, deep down inside, you hope he does well. I just got this feeling. Some might call it "intuition" or "the gift", but I just call it a feeling. Plus, I see that you wished him good luck on the other post:-)
Daimon-You might wanna look up your new "power word of the day." I'll explain it to you one more time, but a lil' more slooowly. The only thing "inane" up here is what somebody's ranking is, was or will be. Unless the topic of this thread is "what are peoples rankings?", you're just blowin' smoke out your ass. We can all appreciate the fact that you're doin' well in your special-ed class, and the fact that you're usin' words with more than one syllable now, but just try to use 'em properly, okay. Otherwise, it makes you sound stoopid. I mean stewpid. You know what I mean.

I would have to be crazy to bet my screen name on Duane! What with all of the expert rankings and stats that favor Parr by such an overwhelming margin. But, okay. It doesn't really matter to me if I have to be known as "Parrfan4life" or Daimon has to be known as "Sub-parr performance" or whatever. I lost 50 bucks on Tito the other night, but I'll still cheer him on in the future, and I won won 597 dollars a long time ago on the Tyson/Douglas fight. I can't remember, but I'm almost certain Tyson was ranked higher than Douglas was in that one. Especially since I only bet I think 50 bucks out of my pocket.Hmm.

Good idea, Leigh. A screen name bet would be fine with me.

When Parr wins, kick2dadome will go by the name he should have been given at birth: "Cumdribbler"....And if Kirik doesn't accept that (For whatever reason), he can go by "Ludwig's Clacker". The Aussies on this forum would appreciate that.

kick2dadome: When considering your lame attempt at ebonics, you're one to talk about special-ed class......And if you thought nothing of rankings, you wouldn't have even bothered mentioning that Parr's Lumpinee ranking wasn't current. You would have merely stated your supposed belief about rankings not meaning anything.

Added in a 3rd possible nick.

So, when Parr wins, kick2dadome will go by the name Cumdribbler.....If Kirik doesn't accept that, then kick2dadome shall become Buttjuice Slurpee......Then the last name to choose would be Ludwig's Clacker, if the first two aren't acceptable.

"When considering your lame attempt at ebonics, you're one to talk about special-ed class." Whoa, Nelly! What a comeback! I've got quite the worthy adversary in you, don't I? I stand corrected-Daimon is obviously the one who's 14 years old. "Cumdribbler!?" WTF dude? And what are you, the Aussies little bitch who does whatever you can to impress them? Hey, try this one-roll over, c'mon Daimon, sit. Good girl. Here's a F'n biscuit. Ebonics? It's called English, fool. And since you read about as well as you write, I will break it down for you-my post's actually were stating the fact that rankings don't mean shit. Who cares? It's all about who's fighting the best on ONE particular night. I like Parr and I think he's a great fighter, but I still go with my favorite. Or by your logic, I guess I should just jump ship and go for the guy with the better ranking. Pathetic.

Daimon-Man, just when I thought you must be jokin' with the name cumdribbler, when I was thinkin' to myself there's no way somebody that childish or that F'n retarded is on this site, no sooner do I finish my response do I see your "Plan B." "Buttjuice Slurpee!?" Dude, you're a F'n loser. I'm sorry. Go get your dad, or better yet, would "Da Swede" please come back and talk shit to me so we can continue with a grown-up conversation.

P.S. No bet. That shit just ain't right. It'd be like knockin' out an escapee from the March of Dimes or mad-doggin' one of Jerry's Kids. I'd just feel too bad the next day.

P.S.2-If there's ever a time to use the old "edit" option, now is your golden opportunity. Erase all that dumb shit you just wrote. Maybe people will just think I'm makin' this shit up and that I'm the one who's retarded. Dude, I'll take the heat for you, I don't care. It'll be my good deed for the day.

lol, there you go with another one of your rants. What's hilarious is I don't even have to try to get you to roll out a paragraph or two.

As I said, if you really thought rankings don't mean anything, you wouldn't have made a critique about Parr's Lumpinee ranking not being current. You would have simply made your bogus claim about rankings not meaning anything....Apparently you're so limited in intelligence things have to be repeated to you until you understand.

And there's no need for talk of "worthy adversaries"....#1, this is the internet, so I don't take it seriously. And #2, you're beneath me regardless. I'll probably have to type in what you consider "English" (ie, ebonics) for you to understand what I just said......Yo, foo. You ain't nuttin but a word. I didn't have to use mah AK, today wuz a good day. Awwwww, yeah. Word to yo mutha

Anyway, Cumdribbler, you're seriously fucking pathetic. You don't like or dislike Parr, since you don't know jack shit about him in the first place, lol.

And the only bitch in here is you, making yourself into Ludwig's bitch by trying your best to kiss his ass in every which way. You probably hope beyond hope that he'll read this thread, and maybe even respond to you!!! Yippee.....

LOL, nice how you just edited your last post.

So you're afraid to make the bet because you don't want to go by Cumdribbler or Buttjuice Slurpee? Damn, you're less confident in Ludwig's abilities than I thought.

Go Bang....