Ludwig recovering from broken leg

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                                Ludwig recovering from broken leg

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Veteran fighter Duane "Bang" Ludwig hit the bag today for the first time since he suffered a grisly broken leg in a first-round loss to fellow lightweight Darren Elkins at UFC on Versus 1.

Ludwig said his doctors recently cleared him to begin physical therapy and light training after removing a screw from his left fibula, which broke when Elkins took him down in the first round of the March 31 fight.

He estimates he should be ready to train for a fight within a month and a half if all goes well in his recovery. Nothing is concrete; he said he'll "play it by ear" and "time will tell" when he's ready to fight.

On a good note, his job is secure in the UFC. He said the promotion has "frozen" his contract until he is cleared by his doctor, though his contract is still good for two fights.

"I'm really thankful to them," Ludwig said.

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Great to hear! TTT for Bang.