Ludwig's cut


gross. i was expecting a pink slip.

haha I was gonna make this thread too and purposefully make an ambiguous title as well :D

Brutal cut!

 I'm tempted to dive in and explore Ludwigs brain.

UGCTT_rkilla -  I'm tempted to dive in and explore Ludwigs brain.

Well his cranium seems intact so that would be tricky!!

I seen this on twitter definately a "goats vagina" Phone Post


These nasty cuts make it look like your skin is thicker then it really is.. These cuts look so deep, you don't even think you got that much skin for the cut to go that deep on your head...

 Yeah it's almost like he has 2 inch think skin

The thought that they are gonna put a needle in that gash.

Happy apetizer guya LOL Phone Post

Sick cut....guy is a real warrior.

Hope he does not get cut with a cute like that (yes extremely lame...i am blaming the long hours)

Big Bang fan ! That sounds like a tv show. Anyway, hope he dominates in his next fight so he can stick around

so you want to be a fighter..........