Luigi Vs John Cronk JAX Feb 2nd

Luigi Fiorivanti Vs John "The Terminator" Cronk
Feb 2nd Prime Osbourne Convention Center in Jacksonville FL.

Wow.. Cronk still can bang when he comes in prepared and he has some ground skills, but I think Luigi will be to much for him. 4 years ago I would have actually said that Cronk wins this.

I'm still not gonna count him out though he has a way of winning.

Should be a good fight...

I thought Luigi was fighting John Fitch in the UFC... I wouldn't want to jeopardize that by a fight with Cronk (both running the risk of a loss, or injury)... it'll be a good fight though.

Yeah I'm predicting there will be a Knock out either way it goes.

Luigi fights Fitch in March

Cronk = Racist Asshole

TTT for Luigi getting the KO

Cronk has a very weird fighting style while standing. He is hard to read. I've been on the end of his left hook and it's very sneaky.

I lost a three round decision to him a few years ago in an FX Toughman fight in Colorado Springs.

TTT, for John "The Hated One" Cronk. I just talked to him about three weeks ago and he is still a hungry fighter. Don't count him out.

I will not count him out, but I will not exactly count him in either. He has to get through a very tough and game Donnie Liles next week. I am pretty confident that Donnie will not only smash him up, but probably hurt him in the process. Don't count on this fight actually happening. Cronk will not be able to make it.

How do I get on this show !

localhero Email me at

Chris, whats your new email addy?

ttt for Luigi!

ttt for luigi

Doesn't the UFC tend to get upset and sue organizations that use the term "Ultimate Fighting"? I have heard that.

Cronk vs. Liles!

Damn, Donnie is no joke!  We will see him in the big show some day! Donnie can bang and wrestle!


Christopher Cordeiro, Donnie Liles vs. Luigi would also be a great fight!

Donnie is a very tough fighter he fought for me in New Mexico