Luigi Vs John Cronk JAX Feb 2nd

looking forward to luigi's next ko

go luigi cant wait to see him again in the ufc

Hell ya Lui!

Sledgehammers 4 life!

Chris I found out that was you rolling with Liu at our academy after you left.

You looked really familiar did you ever train at United Champions or Marcio's back when I was there?

I worked out a both. But mostly Kokopelli's in Casselberry

After party is gonna be hosted by Chuck huh? Strippers, beer, some kind of uppers, more beer, and possibly someone getting ktfo. That will be better than the damn fights.

Ben, Cordeiro was the tall sexy black man that "rolled" with Seth after NHB class.

Oh and go Luigi!!!!

Lui lui oh baby...........

ttt for Luigi!!

I haven't seen cronk fight since his win over Japan vet Heath Sims...should be entertaining.

I'm curious to see how Donnie Liles follows up his win over UFC vet Brain Gassaway next weekend

Luigi is one Bad Mother !

Go Luigi!!

TTT for luigi


What up Chris? Hit me up Great fight bty.

KIDJUSTICE- Email me bro.

Brandon "The Extreme"

good luck hope this event is a good success so we can get some more MMA in jax.

Well now that Cronk beat Liles I guess Luigi will get to be like the sixth or seventh UFC fighter that Cronk will beat. Maybe...

Honestly I think Cronk is outmatched, but once again I will be cheering for him because the guy is a true fighter and does not lose heart. A lot of people thought Liles would walk right through him and look what happened there. Not to say John dominated that fight, but his experience and heart just came through for him. Either way it should be a good fight ending in a KO, glad John will be able to take it.