Luis Gutierrez in SoCal.

JANUARY 28, 29, 30

Please join the Centerline Gym in hosting SBGi Vice President, East Coast Regional Director and ISR Matrix Founder, Luis Gutierrez for three days of training covering his unique, innovative and integrated martial arts applications for:

· Security professional working in physical management, subject control and transportation.

· Civilians looking for highly functional, trainable, and measurable hand to hand self-defense using clothing as a tool.

· Sport grappling enthusiasts interested in developing their gi and no gi games to whole other level.

The three part seminar will consist of three workshops in the areas that Luis Gutierrez has brought to the SBGi over the past few years. They will include:

·FRIDAY- The Harness and Chin Strap are two games slowly being discovered by those outside of Luis’ home gym. The high applicability and endless amount of possibilities in these approaches have led his kids and teen team to win the NAGA Nationals three times, granted his adults victories in super fights, and help garner him the NAGA 2004 Instructor of the year.

·SATURDAY- The ISR-PM designed for security work and executive protection and the root source of the ISR-LE, the complete Law Enforcement and specialized unit and services system currently in use by agencies worldwide. The ISR-PM will redefine how you view one’s ability and the possibility to control a subject without striking.

·SUNDAY- Clinch with Cloth, A.K.A, “Jits with Hits”, the SBGi’s answer to attached striking and fighting when fabric is available to hold on to. This approach will clearly show how to systematically defend yourself using its unique blending of “Dirty Boxing & Judo” and its mastery of balance and the KO to get in and out of fights that involve clothing.

These sessions will be open to everyone individually or as a whole.

Don’t miss this opportunity and head start to train the material heading out worldwide on DVD later this year!


Don't forget to ask that special someone for this for Christmas; or get it for them.....Heck, why not treat yourself to something special.

It is very important that people PRE-REGISTER. Enrollment is limited and will be closed once capacity is met in order to ensure a comfortable training environment.

For more info or to pre-register go to:


Is Luis available to take private lessons with before the seminar?

Luis is da man!!!


Jerry and I are discussing the scheduling now due to the requests coming in for private and semi-private instruction as well as an ISR-LE clinic.

Looks like its going to be a very cool three days!



If you are attending the ISR-PM and/ or the Clinch with Cloth sessions, please bring a couple of long sleeve t-shirts and or jackets you are willing to throw away. A gi top will obviously work.




Just an update:

 There are four spots left for those who are looking to start their new year with some fantastic instruction.

Come on down and see why everyone is talking about the harness/chinstrap game, the ISR PM, and Luis' innovations to striking in the clinch.


Luis -

Will you be bringing any of the harness/chin DVDs to Jerry's(he asks hopefully)?

Please, please, please......


Yes, I will be bringing a dozen or so So Flo sets your way.

It's going to be a blast!


Better bring them my way instead.

Cecil's in Arizona:)



Not for that weekend bro! SoCal, here I come!


T minus 4 days and counting......



is the ISR-PM dvd ready yet? will you have any with you this weekend?

can you save me a the so flo dvd set? thanks.

That is soooooo cool.

Wish I could go.

Wish you could too Fletch.



Harness/ Chin Strap / ISR-PM / LE / Clinch with Cloth weekend hours away!

See you soon guys!