Luis Gutierrez's seminar ROCKED

Just got back from Luis' seminar, and it kicked ass.

He's a great teacher. Very detail orianted and presented everything in a easy to understand manner. He also had a very nice progression of the material he covered, building techniquie upon technique.

The material he covered was also first rate. I've been around for a very long time, trained both in class and in private with legends and world champions. I also have a extensive video library. He showed things i havent seen anywhere before (hint: this stuff is coming out on video at some point. it is a must buy). We where exchanging a few Idea's on the side lines, and he was showing me how easily his stuff can be incorporated into my existing game (really the sign of great techs. i can use them right away. I wont have to change my game at all.) BTW - he told me he made alot of the stuff up himself, which explains why i havent seen it before. the stuff is very functional too.

On a personal note, Luis, Adam, Rory, and all their students where really great and made me feel like part of the family. Great bunch of guys. I hope i made true friends today.

I strongly encourage everyone who has the chance to train under these guys. anytime there is a seminar in your town, dont even think twice about attending. I drove 1.5 hours because I wanted to meet these guys face to face finally. The drive would have been worth it for the seminar alone. Hanging with great bunch of people is a bonus.

I wish I could have been there. Luis is an excellent instructor!


Hopefully he showed you the Alphabet Guard Passes but left out the "F-Pass", my signature move. If he gave that one up, I will "F-Choke" him when he gets back.


Glad you had a good time.

That's sounds cool sreiter! I bet you're glad you decided to make the trip over to Athens now huh!


That is great to hear.

calbert -

it was great all around - some great techs/tips, great people, TONS of HOTTIES in athens

It was good to meet you Steve. Glad that you enjoyed yourself and the training. Yes there are certainly TONS of HOTTIES in Athens.

Sreiter-I am glad you had a good time and I told you it would be worth the drive. I make it up from Roswell a good bit and its always worth the drive. See yall on friday. Sorry I had to miss this one but I had to hang out with my wife.


t -

you were here in spirt. rory and i were talking about you - all good things

Many thanks Steve! I am glad you made it out and we had a chance to work together and talk a bit. I'm sure you know by now that are surely welcome at any of our events.

I had a fantastic time in Athens and the entire HCG made me feel like I was HOME. Great people and the perfect atmosphere to just work and play with the material and on our games.

I would like to especially thank Adam and his wife Dana for their very kind and generous hospitality, Rory for being Rory, Chris for his genuine support, my new friend Ross for the drive and Clay and Maya for showing me how things just balance out. ;)

I would also like to congratulate Nikki, Alex, Dustin and Nate for their well and hard earned blues! The HCG will most definitely make a mark at this coming NAGA and Adam & Rory are sure building a great and young Jits team! Same goes for the Augusta guys. I was really impressed with how fluid and technical these guys were moving considering they were relatively new to the sport. I really look forward to seeing you all next time I am out there. Keep it up!

Dan & Chad, I wish you the best of fortune in your upcoming MMA bouts. I'm positive you two will do very well!

As soon as we get all the pictures up on our web site, I'll let everyone know.

Thanks again HCG and everyone else who drove in for a great time!


"...Rory for being Rory..."

I am going to assume that this is a compliment of sorts, right? :)

Hell yes!!!

Rarely do you go to a seminar and retain much or any thing you are shown because of the unorganized or disconnected way that they were taught.

This was not the case this weekend Luis presented 2 basic holds a harness and a chin strap and built a complete game around it. And did a awesome job explaining the details to make those holds effective.

Hardcore Gym thanks for Baby sitting the Augusta Crew this weekend.


Anytime Bryan. It was great having y'all there. Next time tell you two young guns to have some ladies for the rest of us :).

Yeah, tell me about it I went back to hotel about 12 they came in the next morning at 10.Lucky Bastards!

damn them. dan them all to hell!

forget them, what about babes for me???????

sreiter-are you going to the fights this friday?


I plan on going -

been working alot. if i dont have to pull a all nighter like i did last nightt, i'm there.

Some pictures from the seminar:



you going to the fights? I am for sure