Luis Pena ("Violent Bob Ross") charged with battery, robbery

Living up to his nickname…

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UFC veteran Luis Pena was arrested on Friday by Florida police and charged with robbery by sudden snatching, battery and criminal mischief, according to online jail records.

Pena, 27, was picked up by the Coral Springs Police Department on an extradition warrant issued by a police department in another county in Florida. The name of the department and details on the charges weren’t immediately available, but a police spokesperson said the Ultimate Fighter 27 alum was picked up on an anonymous tip.

“It was actually called in by another police department for us to go and get him, and then we had an independent person tell us where he was, and they took him into custody under that warrant,” Christian Swinson, a public information officer for the Coral Springs police, told MMA Fighting.

Two of the charges – robbery and battery – are designated as pending trial. Swinson said Pena could have missed an arraignment hearing on the charges, or the charges could have been added in the course of investigation after an initial charge, triggering the warrant that led to his arrest.

Just stupid. He is living a life as A UFC fight which has to be awesome. Just to throw it away like this.


He’s a fucking blowjob, now hes gonna go with the new universal UNO Card, mental illness. I do believe mental illness is an issue but this guy is only mental issue is stupidity


Im sure hell be crying like a baby, much like he did on tuf. Also, nickname checks out.

Never been impressed with this guys ability. Never saw him as ufc lvl.

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So, he’s a dirt bag? Hmm.

Lol wasn’t he just tweeting this week how he’s finally sought help for the mental illness he’s always struggled with.


He’s from Littke Rock Arkansas…. So Bangin in Little Rock … checks the box

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Fluffy little felonies

wind running GIF


When I came across this article not here it said ‘UFC prospect arrested’. I was a little surprised because I never considered him a prospect.


This man knows.

Bangin in Little Rock was one of the most hard core documentaries I’ve ever seen. There’s a reason why I still remember much of it despite it being over 25 years since I saw it originally.


People aren’t comfortable talking about this, but I have been going through serious mental health issues my entire life and have finally gained the strength to get and accept the help I’ve needed for a long time. If you’re struggling take it from me its okay to reach out

2:31 PM · Jun 16, 2021

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All that got him was a robbery charge.


disagree he had some good skills

Shit now I got something to watch later

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Some other fighter was claiming he was kicked out of his original gym “St Charles MMA” for stealing a shit too.

After you watch it they have a “where are they now” on them.


I agree hes pretty technical and a solid fighter. His biggest downside is he lacks a bit of power/strength but he’s very well rounded

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