Luis Pena ("Violent Bob Ross") charged with battery, robbery

Please tell me your kidding? Those faggots in that documentary we’re pathetic. Those white kids were stupid confused

did you watch the documentary? Girls getting jumped into gangs, showing the footage of the beatings? Footage of homemade burn tattooes, drive bys, dead bodies from shootings…

Yes I did me and my friends still laugh about it. That one girl with the bowl haircut- bunch of white confused hillbilly idiots. Paper Gangsters

“ Pena, 27, is one of the more promising young talents coming up in the UFC’s lightweight division.”

That statement can’t be right?! Must be an extremely shallow division

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lol, yup how can anyone forget the brunette with the bowl haircut. Bunch of confused hill billy idiots-yup. Paper Gangters? I’ve seen much better examples of paper gangsters. People who try very hard to be/do gangster thigns but would never do anything of substance. At least these people did some gangster shit, albeit dumb and unneeded, there are worse examples of pretend gangsters than the ones in that doc.

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Allegedly flew into a violent rage and assaulted his girlfriend…

“Pena accused her of looking at other men on Instagram, then grabbed her iPhone and threw it down on the ground, causing it to shatter and break. Robbery by sudden snatching is a potential felony in Florida.

After that, Pena and the woman got into a physical fight that included pushing and punching each other, she told officers. The woman ended up with a small laceration on the left side of her lip as well as scratches and redness on her knuckles. At the time, the woman told cops that Pena had also taken her home keys, but she ended up finding them later.

Boca Raton police received an anonymous tip later that night. The tip stated that Pena was going back to his girlfriend’s home to kill her, according to the affidavit. The caller added that Pena was suicidal and had a gun and a knife. About 30 minutes later, Boca Raton police officers got Pena on the phone. Pena refused to provide a statement and said he would get a lawyer with the purpose of meeting at the Boca Raton Police Department at another time, per the affidavit.” via ESPN.


Cut that animal


too bad he had a great opportunity with the UFC and was doing well,Im sure he will be cut rightfully so

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Domestic violence Bob Ross


Couldn’t beat anyone in UFC tho, that is a problem tho, male groupies hanging around the gyms

he has many wins in UFC and only 1 or 2 losses

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Fucking animal.

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So she got into a fight with a UFC fighter and she walked away with a scratched lip and bruised knuckles.

Also she said he stole her keys but she had them all along.

And Pena refused to talk because he wanted a lawyer.

Before we all grab our pitchforks and call this guy a “savage” and an “animal” we might wait for a few facts.


Exactly! People fucking jumping to conclusions - this is what is wrong with this country. The media is fucking crap and it’s always guilty until proven innocent. All those calling for his head pray your never the victim of false accusations.

All you have to do is take one look at the guy. I’d judge you too.

I don’t have to give scumbags the benefit of the doubt.


Violent homeboy should have stayed at AKA in California.

Not looking good for this guy.