Luiz Azeredo=wages wars at 170lbs!

Luiz is what any promoter would die for, a guy who puts it out there 100% every single fight, no matter the opponent.

I have seen all but one of his recorded fights, and also recently found that he has been fighting in smaller events in Brazil since 1997 (which, I have seen one of the tourneys he entered in from that year) and never once have I seen him in a bad fight, never!

In the UFC he matches up perfectly with anyone they have at 170lbs (outside of Hughes, whom I feel would, more than likely, be able to pin him down enough to get the decision).

Lawler vs Azeredo = Wow, two guys that rush their opponents looking to finish them ASAP clashing head on. An absolute war, guaranteed!

Lytle vs Azeredo = The perfect meshing of an ultra aggressive, well rounded guy in Luiz facing off against the calm, cool counter striker with good ground in Lytle. Again, a great fight here.

Diaz vs Azeredo = There would be lots and lots of transitions in this one, no way it'd be boring. Another can't miss battle with this one.

Parisyan vs Azeredo = The master grappler versus a guy who will push him all the way, and keep in mind Luiz is no slouch on the ground either. Good, solid match up here.

I could go on and on about him, but you get the idea.


If I can find someone to host them, I will put a few clips up for you guys that haven't seen him.

Anyone out there willing to host a few smaller meg clips for me?

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let me guess your his


lol No, I am not his manager, nor am I connected with him in any way ... other than being a fan of watching him fight.

Da Swed,

Yes, Kubis is a legit badass, but he needs to drop down to 170lbs from the beefed up 185lbs he was at the WAFC this past 03-15-03. IMO, he would be great at 170 anyway.

What is odd is ... he started out at 155lbs then, jumped all the way up to 185 and found his way to the semis in a very tough tourney against sub specialist Ansar Chalangov, and nearly won too. My friend Pagani Zonda can tell you more about this, as he has seen this entire tourney and was expressing how wild, and brutal Kubis was in there.

Anyway, TTT for BOTH guys.

TTT for those "in the know" to comment.

Luiz Azeredo is now a Chute Boxe fighter.

He's already tough as hell, so imagine how he will be after training with Wanderlei, Ninja, Shogun...

He's going to make some noise in 2004.


Yes, Luiz will fit right in with The Chute Boxe Team, he has that natural aggression.

I've been riding the Luiz Azeredo bandwagon for over 3 years now. Why he hasn't gotten more fights, especially big fights, is beyond me. His wild pure aggression style is always a crowd pleaser. He puts the hurt on his opponents. We all saw the beating Rodrigo Ruas took from Fryklund, and he never gave up. Ruas has heart. But he was tapping from the brutal GnP that Azeredo dished out to him.

Zuffa needs to sign this guy.


LOL!!! This is crazy stuff if he's really joining Chute Boxe!!! That'd be SICK!! And VERY surprising to me since he beat now former Chute Boxe fighter Anderson Silva and more recently beat Chute Boxe's current BJJ instructor Cristiano Marcello.

I need more info. :)

How was his fight with Anderson, that's the one Mecca that I never got.

His fight with Anderson is really the only one that wasn't balls to the wall action for the entire fight. Anderson was caught underneath Azeredo for most of the fight, and used weird tactics (such as holding onto Azeredo's ankles) to just survive. Azeredo couldn't really move much because of Anderson's lanky body, and the fact that Anderson kept him off balance by holding onto his ankles. Azeredo spent most of the fight in either side mount or north/south.

Haven't seen the fight in a long time, so I may be wrong...

Interesting. I wonder if he's gonna take over Cristiano's position as Chute Boxe's BJJ instructor now that he's joining the team. He laid quite a beating on Cristiano.

Luiz Azeredo is the shit.Ryan G is correct.I hope Chute Boxe doesnt make him bulk up though,cause that seems to be the trend with their fighters.


You're correct man. The reason that Chute Boxe has recently been bulking a lot of their guys up is simple ... the pay is better in the heavier divisions. IMO, Shogun should be in the 185lb class, and not the 205lb class ... where he is forced to fight guys that cut down, not bulk up. Oh well, it's all a money issue, and I agree totally ... Luiz should remain at 170lbs.

sub wrestler, so is Luiz going to take over Cristiano's position as Chute Boxe's bjj instructor??

I don't think so. Luiz and Macaco will still be members of the Gold Team, but will represent Chute Boxe in MMA.

That's odd, and I'd personally rather not see Macaco represent Chute Boxe at all. lol

It will be really weird to see Macaco representing Chute Boxe after all the bad blood they had in the past.

I just don't feel that he's Chute Boxe caliber at this point.