Luke Barnatt... Still believe McGregor buys fans?

I'm sure we all remember Luke.Bs claim that McGregor and his management were involved in fraudulent followers..

Has anyone outed him yet? Phone Post 3.0

Not a big deal. Many celebs and companies do this all the time... it's an image thing. Phone Post 3.0

Wouldn't surprise me if it was true back then. Why would anything Conor went on to achieve after it influence that at the time. I'm not saying it is true I'm just saying I wouldn't be surprised.

Also won a SN bet this weekend on Conor and am fully on the hype train. Interestingly enough Conor now has more followers than TJ, Pettis and Hendricks. Phone Post 3.0

One of the MMA/Blog sites analysed both of their followers after the claims and found that a significantly larger percentage of Barnatt's followers were bots/fake accounts than McGregor's.

His popularity is grossly over rated. Look at how many hits articles about him get. Look how many times his name was mentioned during the Event on Saturday. Look how unimpressively loud the crowd was on Saturday.

How many followers does Barnatt have?  If its more than a couple hundred Im sure theyre store bought