luke does NOT deserve an immediate rematch

Neither Werdum or Rockhold deserve a rematch, they both got ironed out. 

Neither defended the belt either, I don't see how they warrant a rematch. Neither fight was close.

Rematches should be reserved for when someone gets the shaft off the judges, or if the fight was amazing and extremely close.

Well Luke is going to be suspended for a while and should take time off...

How long will Jacare be out with surgery?

I can see the UFC making Weidman at MSG

Wait have they said something about a rematch? Thats retarded Phone Post 3.0

No rematch deserved, maybe if he won his next few..

Bone Tissa - Bisping vs jacare next is a no brainer Phone Post 3.0
This. Jesus. Weidman vs Rockhold rematch on the same card. Phone Post 3.0

bisping didnt deserve a title shot though

I think if you've lost the belt in a close fight, or a long running champ, instant rematch. Otherwise, back in line. Weidman fits this category with his close fight against Rockhold.

RKing85 - MONEY wise, Biaping vs Weidman at MSG makes the most sense.

SPORT wise, Jacare should get the next shot. Phone Post 3.0
Just cause Weidman is from ny doesn't mean it makes sense money wise that he's on msg card as a headliner. The guy isn't a draw so that shit doesn't matter. Jacare deserves it anyway and should be next. Weidman can fight Romero on the msg card if he heals up right. Phone Post 3.0

John Milius -
An Old Shoe - If rockhold doesn't deserve a rematch(which I agree, he dont) weidman don't either. Phone Post 3.0
Totally wrong

Weidman defended the title numerous times.

Rockhold blew his opportunity as champion Phone Post 3.0
Beat me to it Phone Post 3.0

ranier wolfcastle -

bisping didnt deserve a title shot though

Yeah, they should just take his belt away.

Mutant - If Aldo doesn't deserve an immediate rematch no one does. Phone Post 3.0
This.....and i didnt want aldo getting a rematch either Phone Post 3.0

Bone Tissa - Bisping vs jacare next is a no brainer Phone Post 3.0
Yup Phone Post 3.0

If Aldo didn't deserve a rematch, Rockhold doesn't (like Hendricks, too) - if you've never defended the belt, no immediate rematch.  If you get clean KO'd and it wasn't a back and forth battle, no rematch IMO.

Its crazy how much Zuffa brass can just randomly decide a fighter's career arc by how much they decide rematches based on "the needle." Aldo or Frankie, whoever loses, may not get their shot at Connor or the title when they clearly bth deserve it and much more so than the other rematches the set up (Weidman, Connor, etc). Like Nate said when Connor wanted the rematch with him, he's sure he does want it but he wanted rematches as well to guys he lost to but h never got any.

So Nate never got a chance to avenge those losses. Aldo, the 7 time UFC defending champ and 2 time WEC defending champ, will not get his chance if he loses to a surging Edgar while guys like Weidman and Connor got their immediate rematches. Aldo could still get it again but a loss to Edgar really puts him back.

Same with Frankie, Aldo is arguably the tougher matchup for him than Connor and after all he's done, and with barely losing to Aldo the first time btw, he may not get his chance because he could very well lose to Aldo. He imo has a legit chance as a 3 div champ but look how much harder he has to work to get another crack as opposed to the other guys.

And then when the casuals talk about these guys' careers, they will never realize the politics behind the title shots and thus the opportunity disparities.

This is not a real sport.