Luke Harris taps out Nate Quarry - 2009 Mundials

Would have been nice to see how Luke would have done on TUF 10 if Kimbo hadn't bumped the middleweights.

Nice Luke!!


Very nice throws.
It's cool to see Quarry with the purple on

congrtas man that is awesome!!

 Beautiful Uchi-Mata!

Congrats Luke nice match


Ronin MMA


thats pretty cool to see Nate Quarry fighting at mundials. Win loose or draw, thats pretty humble on his part.

"thats pretty humble on his part"

Agreed. Anyone know how long he's been training with the gi? I wonder if his loss to Maia inspired more focus on his bjj or has he been working away at it for a while?

Great job Luke!

good work awesome Luke

wow, awesome job!!!