Luke: "I just started kicking last week"

Already making excuses. Not a good sign

I don't like how low Rockhold keeps his heads. I've also seen him wobbled before on punches that didn't look to heavy but bisping's volume and pitter patter shots won't be enough to hurt luke. Luke could probably beat him with hands alone.

Luke's takedowns also aren't bad and his ground and pound is fucking brutal Phone Post 3.0

BrckNoHitBk -

Already making excuses. Not a good sign

This Phone Post 3.0

Bisping is beaten already, his promo work for this fight is telling, he doesn't have any confidence. 

Rockhold has his number and Mike knows it.

I want to bet on Bisbing. But I have lost every long shot bet I have made. I don't want to jinx him. Good God he needs a miracle as it is. Phone Post 3.0

Watch him get pulled from the card lol Phone Post 3.0

UGCTT_FryedTakayama - Luke is the one guy at AKA that doesn't pull out. How many babies he got now? Phone Post 3.0
Luke's just helping everyone out who is putting money on him

Thanks for the larger payout Luke. Phone Post 3.0

Interesting. This may be legit, as I recall Luke's line dropping at least 2 days before this broke. Phone Post 3.0