Luke "Iron Duke" Picklum's MMA Highlight reel!

Please check out Luke's Highlight reel and let's try and get him on UFC 111 in Sydney Australia! (Blue namer please!)

Find out more about Luke on my blog


ttt for Luke!!!

A little help from a blue namer would be much appreciated!

here you go

he has a vicious left hook.

Thanks bdog7, much appreciated! Yeah Luke's a beast!!! By the way does anyone know how to fix sherdog records? Luke is acually 5-2-1 but listed as 2-1-2 WTF???

Good luck with sherdog, I have sent video footage from the sanctioned fight and still can't get my sanctioned pro fight on record anywhere I try... Try talking to the promoters they should turn the results in or be able to help in some way

Thanks hinzmanshound, I'll see if I can get in touch with some of the promoters! but some of his figts were more than 5-6 years ago!

If you get in touch with those promoters just stick on them I have been for going on 8 months now with the guy who stepped in last minute to promote the fight I did for him, think pitbull and lock jaw sooner or later they will gas out and submit lol

Best of luck man and all we can ever do is try, if the fights don't end up on the record just get him to beat down more people to make up for it :D