Luke Puzziti gets brown belt

i just found out that on sunday 21st luke got his brown belt! luke has been training hardcore since 97 and is one tuff mofo. congrats!


Congratulations Luke!!!

Well done Luke.

Keep training hard


I believe Luke trains with Anthony Lange and Elvis/Anth (or at least has trained with...)


oh.. and Tim: When the hell am I going to see you at training again??

Yeah, I was just discussing this tonight. Over all the fuss of the new Black Belts, Lukes Brown Belt promotion was over looked. Congratulations Luke, very well deserved.


Does Luke post here?? well even if he dosen't, big congrats to him on achieving his brown belt he definatelly is someone to look out for in the future. Good amateur boxer, XFC champion, Pankration World champion..etc.



big congrats to luke from matt lecunt!!

Congrats to another Machado brown for Aus:)|

Welcome to the club Luke you'll like it here :)


Congratulations Luke.

Prop's to Luke and a speedy recovery for the XFC welterweight champion.


Yeah Luke vs Higgins will be off the hook.

Still unsure as to HIGGINS persuing 77 or 84 kg division. Either way Luke will have a tough task with either Danny or Kyle 'KO' NOKE.

If we were to have a most improved fighter award right now, Kyle would win it hands down.

I spoke to Luke yesterday and he assumed that we'd strip him due to the innability to defend the title. That will not be the case. XFC will create an interim title at 77kg I hoped to do that on June 5 in Brisbane ftg Kyle v a certain leopard skin clad fighter :)


You have to catch the leopard if you want him to fight

You have to catch the leopard if you want him to fight

Woo HOO!