Luke Rockhold wants something sexy in 205 lbs

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold is putting his plans to move up to the light heavyweight division on hold.

Rockhold (16-4 MMA, 6-3 UFC) has been teasing a change in weight class for some time, but the scenario became real following his knockout loss to Yoel Romero at UFC 221 in February. The UFC was discussing a matchup against Alexander Gustafsson (18-4 MMA, 10-4 UFC) at UFC 227 this month, but it failed to materialize due to Rockhold’s gruesome leg injury.

Now, Rockhold appears on the cusp of being booked against Chris Weidman (14-3 MMA, 10-3 UFC) in a 185-pound bout at November’s UFC 230 event in New York. He didn’t rule out the possibility of moving up after that, but with friend and American Kickboxing Academy teammate Daniel Cormier holding the title at light heavyweight, the situation becomes complicated.

If Rockhold, 33, does goes up, though, he said the UFC brass must make it worth his while.

“I like the light heavyweight division – I think it’s for the taking,” Rockhold told MMAjunkie. “‘DC,’ the complication with him – he’s tossing and turning. I just want the thing to really solidify itself and iron it out. I want a matchup – I want a sexy matchup, and I want to get up there and I want to do some damage, and I want it to mean something. I don’t want to have to fight the best guy in the division in Alexander Gustafsson and have to backtrack if ‘DC’ doesn’t fight and I have to fight someone else lower – what’s the (expletive) point?

“I want it to mean something, and for me, everything is open right now. I don’t need to rush anything. Everything is open right now. I don’t need to rush anything. This is good. They’ve got to give me something sexy and entice me with something good. Nothing’s official.”

i saw him at the sao paolo airport

didnt know he was being pushed so hard

I heard that interview the other day and had to turn it off when he started talking like that, I thought he sounded like a teenager or somthing

I’d have him fight Ilir Latifi. The guy is ranked #3, but skill wise, RockHold should be a higher caliber fighter. This is where we will see if he can compete at LHW or not.

With Rockhold's enormous height and reach advantage?  You hate Latifi that much?

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With Rockhold's enormous height and reach advantage?  You hate Latifi that much?

I think this is better for him than facing Gus lol. Gus is a nightmare for literally everyone at LHW. Some people think he arguably beat Jones. Some people also think he arguably beat BC. And both guys are ducking him like crazy.

If Rockhold wants something "sexy," then how about him moving up to HW and fighting Sean McCorkle? LOL

I would buy the Bones vs Pretty Boy PPV just for that fight. Pretty Boy would be strong as fuck at 205 and would give Jones some serious trouble 


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What the hell is the story behind this? 

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