Luke Rockhold's Entrance

as soon as the fight started Rockhold looked like he was gonna get ko'd. he was very nervous.

Brazilian hostility hometown + TRT + Jesus = Unstoppable Vitor!!!!!!

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He came out to Thirteen by Danzig Phone Post

Yep. Danzig originally wrote it for Johnny Cash, who ended up "covering" it some years later, but it didn't make the cut for the Cash album, or something, so Glenn went ahead and performed it on one of his own albums. The Cash version rules, BTW.

is the opening song in THE Hangover

Awesome choice for a walkout song.

I like Luke Rockhold, dude was facing nearly insurmountable odds but came out looking like he was gonna take it. But as soon as they started trading and he tripped, it appeared that the octagon jitters had set in. I hope he comes back strong in his next UFC fight. Phone Post

" Mods, please delete this thread."  No No, it was great entrance, it just had an even better exit ;)

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T Phone Post 3.0

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