Luke Rockhold's secret family

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                                Luke Rockhold's secret family

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                    <p>The dominant form of media in mixed martial arts is twitter. There&#39;s a lot you can communicate in 140 characters. And there&#39;s a lot you can&#39;t. A few writers in the MMA space have the ability and platform to do long for essays, that are revealing and insightful.</p>

UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold is a notorious bachelor, an actual one man wolf pack of sorts, who says that his loner ways are a key to his tremendous success. But writer and fighter Elias Cepeda spent time with Rockhold during his latest camp, and says he has a secret family.

If you are a hardcore MMA fan, do yourself a favor and skip the brief excerpts below and go straight to FOX Sports.

Luke Rockhold recently gave an insightful and slightly inflammatory answer when asked why he thought he'd beat Chris Weidman in their scheduled rematch.

"You're not capable of getting it back," Rockhold said to Weidman, who was sitting a few feet away during an FS1 interview.

"I've dedicated my life to this sport and you've dedicated your life to a family. You can't push as hard. You can't do what I do."

Rockhold's thinking would seem to apply to family man Bisping as well.

Cepeda went to AKA in San Jose, gloved up, and trained, to see how the mega team coalesced around their newest world champion. The writer made a startling realization.

Rockhold and Velasquez were catering to those around them.

Rockhold moved the team on from sparring to bag work, coaching and shouting out instructions while he himself trained.


AKA fighter conditioning is legendary, and it was always rumored that some stationary bike-based training was the key to that cardiovascular and muscle-endurance success. I didn't know if I'd have it in me to take part (I wouldn't), but I certainly wanted to see that secret training.

Just like he had, earlier in the day during team practice and sparring, Rockhold led by example but kept a finger on the progress and effort put forth by his teammates. Rockhold was just as much a coach that day as he was a fighter preparing to defend a world title.


No one can really do what Luke Rockhold does, it is true. And, so far, no one can push as hard as he does.

Whether or not Weidman or Bisping will ever beat him isn't yet known. But in just a short amount of time I'd realized Rockhold was at least partially wrong with his assessment.

I had wanted to see how a gym like AKA would revolve around a champion like Rockhold, but it doesn't seem to do that at all. If bred stars like he and Velasquez are the center of attention at AKA, it is well-hidden, and they at least make sure a big part of their role is giving attention back to their teammates.

Maybe Rockhold is right that he devotes more of himself to MMA than his opponents. But he's wrong in suggesting that he is completely without serious responsibilities to others.

Luke Rockhold has a family, and it is the American Kickboxing Academy. It isn't a normal family, and it doesn't require the 24/7 concern children or spouses, but it's a family that gets plenty of attention from the middleweight champ, nonetheless. 

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UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold fights Michael Bisping in the main event of UFC 199 on Saturday.

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I guess sort of interesting but anti climatic from the title Phone Post 3.0

Click bait bs Phone Post 3.0

what an idiotic article

TX_432 - Click bait bs Phone Post 3.0

This. Very underwhelming read.

didnt read, but i assume by the headline cockhold has many bastard children around the bay area?

Thank you for sharing that amazing article Phone Post 3.0

gokudamus - didnt read, but i assume by the headline cockhold has many bastard children around the bay area?
Wait for it ... Wait for it... Aka is his "secret family" Phone Post 3.0

TX_432 - Click bait bs Phone Post 3.0

business as usual

mada - I enjoyed the article. Whether intentionally or not, it highlighted why AKA guys get injured so much. Training themselves? Seems pretty silly for champions to do this. Kinda blows my mind a champ wouldn't have a very fight and opponent specific camp created for him.
MMA is still pretty crude as far as training is concerned. No consistency or focus for most guys. You'd think they'd train more like a boxing camp. Drill specific technique to use on specific upcoming opponent, then apply during sparring, and really focus on cardio. Not fucking coaching young fighters in the gym and dictating their own pace and schedule.
After watching and training this sport for half my life, I've come to the conclusion that very few trainers or gyms make a difference for a fighter. Instead, the best guys are just naturally more gifted and better fighters congregate at certain gyms to have better sparring partners. I don't think certain gyms make better fighters, rather better fighters just seek out good training partners. Phone Post 3.0

Yes, gyms don't matter. You're either good or you aren't........

So which member of AKA did Rockhold knock up? Phone Post 3.0