luke zachrich here. setting something straight

hey guys, this is my first time posting on here but ive been looking on this forum for years. i wanted to make this post to set the record straight. 3 weeks ago it was brought to my attention that there were ads being ran that i was fighting wes sims tonight in fort wayne indiana, a small city close to my hometown, for the full contact fight series. when i heard this i called the promotor ( mike bowersock) and he told me it was a misprint and it would be taken care of. i took his word for it and never thought about it after that. so over thanksgiving my phone was blown up asking about the fight again. i guess the ads were still being ran (newspapers, flyers, posters, radio, and the venues website) i tried contacting them again but no one would return my calls. so tonight wes fought and after he won i was told he apologized to the crowd and told them i was hospitalized for some reason. bowersocks and fcfs used my name to sell tickets. this is the most disrespectful thing ive ever came across in the sport and i wanted to let everyone know what a scumbag mike bowersock is.

Is it too late to work something out so you can still fight Sims?

it all the legal stuff even worth it?

im a big middle weight, wes is a big heavy weight.


Come on man, just show up in some sweats with your hands taped up and get them to give you an extra $50! I give you a 70/30 shot against Sims...step up!

Luke call Bernie at the Athletic commission. get his advise I know he yanked Bowersock promotors liscense here in Ohio for shady doings.

could bernie even do anything for a fight that took place in indiana?


Let Bernie know what is going on.

Seriously, I bet Sims will be down with it. Is it main event time yet?

thanks guys, im going to call bernie on monday


Give Luke a Green Name.

Luke,  Wes called me tonight out of the Blue and left me a message while I was watching a movie.

I haven't  listened to it but now I'm curious of what he had to say.  I'll give you a call tomorrow.  I fought and won wednesday night.

Hey Luke... did dave morris win his fight tonite? Does anyone know?

 Luke you would kill Wes.

KenP -  Luke you would kill Wes.

thats not the point though. i was never even offered this fight. it wasnt mentioned to me. they used my name to sell tickets and then made up a phoney excuse why i wasnt there. i assure you all i wasnt in the hospital last night. haha i was on my couch all night


well, the good news is that you didn't have to go to Fort Wayne.


Wow- that is complete crap

i've met luke a couple of times, and gotta say that sux. any word on when you will really be fighting again?