Lula Rich Documentary WTF?!

Just watched the documentary on Amazon prime… Every woman in that documentary is obese and suffers from severe mental illness. Also, how anyone bought into or actually bought the products is beyond me. Is this your average American woman just a fat fucken lunatic that doesn’t know how to budget?

The people who get attracted and caught up in such things all share commonality with things like cults, gangs, scams, or organised religion. It “catches” one at the “right” time. Always during a time of vulnerability and/or loneliness. It’s always the same story but different content and details. The leadership of “successful” enterprises provide something fulfilling. Necessary. Sense of belonging. And always delivers it in such a palatable way that it feels like it’s almost destiny.

MLMs are fucking evils hey prey on desperate people most often women and screw them over heavily. The husband is the truly vile one in that company. Fuck that ass hole. His wife is awful but he’s the brains and the one behind the mlm side.