Lumberjack strength

Hey Guys,
I had a sick workout on Saturday. I always thought when espn had those lumberjack comps that those guys where fit.

Since it was the first nice weather in a while, my wife and I decided to clean up the yard etc. It's a decent size project we have about 2.5 acres 1/2 of which is woods.

I thought great I'll sneak in a workout that a misses on my versaclimber. I threw on one of my 32lb weighted vests on from smartvest and went to it.

after about an hour, I had noticed serveral decent size pines that were rotted and needed to come down.

My wife wanted me to use a chain saw, I said I want a workout, I'm using an axe. I told her the insurance is paid up don't worry.

I had to take down 4 medium size pines about a foot to 2 feet in diameter while i wore 32lbs on uneven surface etc.

Man what a work out! I love chopping. the tree wereabout 30 to 40 ft tall and then they would get hung up on other trees and I had to deadlift off so they would drop.

I have a new found respect for manual laborers especially lumberjacks.

I knew a guy years ago that use it hit a truck tire with a 15 sledge hammer at different angles and he was just jacked.

What's old is new. I guess.

All the best. Dr. Evil

Gene Tunney worked in a lumberjack camp when he was making the move up to the heavyweight division to challenge Jack Dempsey.

Where I train we have a guy who is a lumberjack. He is freakishly strong.

not only does that sound like a hard workout, but you did it with a 32lb vest.

i might be able to do one tree. maybe.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. is also a fan of chopping wood for training purposes.

Sounds like an amazing workout, can't believe you chopped down 4 trees of that size with that vest on.

I just purchased a 10 lb sledgehammer and am planning on doing the truck tire workout over the summer. Does anyone have any suggestions on varying this workout at all? Also how do you recommend placing the tire, do you just lay it flat on the ground or have it in an upright position so you are hitting the tread?


i just did my first sledgehammer work yesterday. 16 pound hammer, 100 swings on an old tire i got from the side of the road. 5L/5R.

"Is there an actual routine for the sledge hammer workout?"

Yes, you can either choose to workout for a certain amount of time or go for a certain number of reps. You can also incorporate sledge work into circuit training in the same manner.