Notice the liberal amounts of blue paint used?

Yet more proof that he would rather be a maple leave.



'Cause the Nucks sure don't have blue in their colour scheme ;P

It's ok, seen better and seen much worse.

Raycrofts new mask is a thousand times better, then again Raycofts new mask is the best ever.

I will admit Raycroft's mask is very cool and better than Luongos.

Well whew i guess it's a good thing that the paint scheme on the mask isn't the one making the saves eh...

Raycrofts mask is so good it should be put in the HOF (hockey hall of fame). Raycrofts mask just makes me want to say, oh how great it is to be a Leafs fan.

and dont worry about Raycroft, he will be back to the top of his game, where as Luongo, I could honestly see having a mental break down.

Who cares about the mask you got the best goalie in his prime imo in the NHL.

What did you give up Alex Auld now you have no use for him..Byran Alllen wow.. and Bertuzzi whos in the twilight of his career and is damagedgoods as far as the nucks are concerned as far and publicity and the lawsuits he has cost them and he struggled last season but i still love his style of game but his best days are up i think.

The Canucks havent had a goalie since Kirk Mclean when you went to the cup finals vs the rangers.