Luta-Livre Invastion

I know that Duarte and Rickson fought once on the beach. But I just read another interview that said they fought in front of the Gracie academy as well.

Anyone have any details on this story? Who was involved? How did it get started? Etc.

I read that Duarte was pissed that he was chillin on the beach and got jumped by Rickson and his gang of BJJ disciples.

So he went to the academy (with some back-up) to have a fair go.

Fair play to Duarte, in the interview I read he admitted that Rickson tooled him again in the academy - just that he felt better for settling it in more fair manner.

I heard that Duarte turned up at the Gracie academy with a gun so that he could make sure that Rickson would fight him. Then they fought, Rickson beat him up and threw him in a dumpster...

I read the interview in Grappling magazine where Duarte says he went for a rematch with Rickson. He doesn't go into details (he lost) but says that the most important thing is that "we (Luta Livre) didn't back down from Jiu-Jitsu". He gives a ton of props to Rickson though. he said that people who question his ability "just don't know"

Story I heard from a black belt was that they actually had the fight outside in the parking lot and not inside the school. This was after the fight on the beach. That one was suspect as Duarte has always claimed that people started to throw sand on them when Duarte had the advantage, so he wanted a fair fight and got it in the parking lot.