Luther is back

Just saw that part 1 of the 2 part special is out.

Cannot wait to see it, I've missed Alice Morgan Phone Post 3.0

Excellent Phone Post 3.0

Where did you find it? Great series! Phone Post 3.0

It's out in the UK already. Been keeping an eye out ad it airs in February in Australia. Phone Post 3.0

Just watched - two parts will not be enough! Phone Post 3.0

Sweet jebus!
I will watch this immediately. Phone Post 3.0

Did a double take when I saw Ygritte turn up.

You know nothing Luther. Phone Post 3.0

Just started on season 1 and am hooked.

When is ep2? Phone Post 3.0

in for later

UGCTT_5 for fighting - Just started on season 1 and am hooked.
Mate, brilliant decision.

Not entirely sure about ep 2. I think it's airing in the us as a 3 hour event Phone Post 3.0

When does it come to Netflix? Fuck that series was good.

Can't wait Phone Post 3.0

In Phone Post 3.0


Love the show, hate that each season is only a few episodes.

Watched the second episode and this season has blown me away.

Definitely sets up the possibility of it continuing but at the same time, it could end and I wouldn't even be mad. Phone Post 3.0