Luther, the movie

Has anyone seen it?

My parents saw it about a year ago and liked it.

does it have him going crazy about the showdown between good and evil?

I haven´t seen it yet.

Im betting they didn't show the luther I have in my mind.

What do you mean Josh?

the anti semite


LOL I was at my local minsterium meeting two weeks ago. The episcopal pastor asked the Lutheran pastor if it was true that they found Luther's toilet. LOL

Yeah how in the heck could Luther be so in love with God and Christ and at the same time write such hateful essays about the Jews? I udnerstand the desire to conver them, but sheesh he talked about burning their synagogues for cryin out loud.

Oh come on Furey, Martin Luther was a Godly man!


Maybe because Luther got powerful and thought he was someone special, probably because everyone around him told him that he was. How he could be so hateful is beyond me, but its clear to me that he wasn't acting in any fashion that would be approved of by the Almighty.

I think it had to do more with him becoming dicouraged that the Jews had not accepted Christ as Messiah yet. Sure the guy was way out of line in his twilight years. but he did an aweful lot of good earlier.

Yeah, like splinter the body of Christ.

I dunno man, thats a that a lot like saying that your sure that Hitler wasn't a bad kid, he only became a crazy mass murderer in his adult me what he did to justify hatred and discrimination, forced conversion and kicking people out of thier homes, and how what he wrote has been used to justify the mistreatment of our peoples, I think that he did much more harm than any good he did in pointing out a religious instituions hipocracy.

oh boo hoo...why don't ya write the Lutherans a letter...then nail it to the door of a Lutheran church in protest. :-)

comparing Martin Luther to Hitler...thats a bit of a stretch aint it.

that would be like saying the Pharisees were just protecting Jewish tradition by killing Jesus and having early Christians hunted down and killed which made it ok.

I don't blame jews for the decision of frightened and jealous first century Jewish you think Lutherans still hold Luther's later anti semetic remarks? The Lutheran chuch has publicaly apologized for that.

I hope they dont hold to his comments Sherm. But apologizing hardly fixes what he did. I can accept and even forgive what was done, but I will not and cannot forget what was done based on the writings that the founder of thier group put out. I didn't write those things, and I am not writing them to libel the character of anyone, he did that himself. To defend him as one that did a lot of good is pretty silly if you ask me.

If I kick your ass every day from the time your a kid until today, and then tomorrow I come to you and say that I am sorry for kicking your ass all of those times, do you think that you should trust me?