Luther (TV series)

I just discovered this show via the Netflix hidden gems thread.

I've made it through Season 2 and I've got to say it it is one of the best TV series I've ever watched.

Stringer Bell is just pure greatness in it.

Any other OGers concur? Phone Post

I agree completely.

Great show.

Alice and Luthor are both awesome characters.

2 episodes deep and this shit is legit!

I hope he beats Alice's cheeks at some point Phone Post

Too bad there's only like nine episodes, so ridiculous. Really, it's more like a miniseries both in scope, storytelling, and number of episodes. What is going on with Alice's top lip??? Phone Post

Well the OP mentioned Stringer Bell (Idris Elba), who is the lead on the UK version that's on Netflix. So there is also a US version on there with 6 seasons??? That's awesome if it's as good as the UK series. Phone Post

A quick google search indicates you haven't the foggiest idea what is going on here, lol. Lay off that ether, man. Phone Post

Team Alice for life.

Sagiv Lapkin -

Team Alice for life.

Booyah Phone Post 3.0

The woman who plays Luther's wife is hot.

It's too bad that the series is over.

. Phone Post 3.0

Supposedly they are making a movie.

Great series, waiting to watch season 3.

When's 3 come out? Phone Post

I like Luther but Season 3 especially the last 2 episodes sucked hard unfortunately.

shadallion - When's 3 come out? Phone Post
It's on time Warner on demand. It would be under entertainment on demand -> BBC America -> Luther 2013. Phone Post 3.0

Season 3 is on VUDU I'm watching the series finale right now. Phone Post