Lutter wins by KO! (PIC)

Congrats to Travis Lutter, bringing home the victory with his knockout of Marvin Eastman! TEXAS BABY.

Here's the shot, a straight right counter to Eastman's right round kick:

Paul E.

Eastman should have struck him w/ one of his abs. Oh well... live and learn.

Good Lord, did that land flush?

Eastboy still hasn't recovered from the the Island boy beat down...

Cool pic.

lucky punch right ? just like when randleman ko'd crop crop. lucky punch is all it was. lmao- you guys are classic !

That right hand started at Mandalay Bay...good lord, what a fucking windup!!!

Definition of haymaker.

Biggest haymaker since Kohler/Judson.

That punch started in southwestern Arizona and connected right around Detroit!

ya'all said randlemans was lucky. what would you call Lutters ? KO of the year or luck of the draw?

that looks like an Igor punch

congrats Travis!

Nighty night Eastman!


LOL @ Racer X!!!!!! So true.

That wasn't a lucky shot at all. When someone has their left hand low and keeps circling towards an opponent's power side instead of away from it, the overhand/hook hybrid is the easiest power punch to land, especially in MMA. The fact that Eastman was starting to throw a kick made it even easier to land as well.

Remember right before Lennox Lewis got knocked out by Rahman, how George Foreman started yelling about the danger of a big man circling to the power side with his hands low? Then a few seconds later, Rahman put Lewis on his ass with a similar punch.

Lutter mentioned his boxing coach had told him over and over that this punch would work, and look at what happened when he did listen! Great to see Lutter has been expanding his game and training with a boxing coach, he is going to be a tough fighter to beat.

Luck my ass,Lutter threw a right hand and it connected.

How is it when someone who isnt known for striking purposely throws a strike and it lands on the mark,it always gets labeled a Lucky Strike?

Travis is a badass.  Hopefully, he gets picked up for a 3 fight deal. 

I thought it looked alot like the punch Chuck threw at Overeem. Except it didn't hit him in the forehead, got him flush on the jaw.

Awesome, but I still think Kohler/Judson was better, Racer.

Ironically, shortly before the KO, Mir said this fight won't be won with one punch.

A three fight deal would be awesome!!