Lutter's MMA career in jeopardy

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                                Lutter's MMA career in jeopardy

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Lutter began experiencing neck problems a decade ago when he was dropped on his head in a jiu-jitsu match. He had his first MRI five years ago and has had two more since. “The Ultimate Fighter” Season 4 winner, who has recorded wins over Marvin Eastman, Patrick Cote and Jason MacDonald during his 16-fight career, is battling four bulging discs, bone spurs and, most problematic of all, narrowing of the nerve canals in his neck.

“That’s probably the scariest thing that I’ve got going on. The nerve passages control everything in your body. If they get too squished, you could have atrophy and motor function loss,” Lutter said. “The other thing is those passageways, since they’re narrower, they don’t have to have as much inflammation to cause pain and atrophy and things like that. That’s the thing that makes me the most nervous.”

Doctors have told Lutter he could undergo surgery as a potential fix, but the Dallas resident would rather let the injuries heal on their own.

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spinal stenosis is just one of those things that come with age. add the fact lutter has been training for so long, neck problems were always inevitable.

was a great figher but his career is over.

I always wished Lutter would work with a top team because the guy could have been a world beater.

He should probably hang it up IMO, no reason to fuck up his neck worse if he isn't going to be serious in the gym. His BJJ is really world class but he blames everything on people around him (coaches, etc.) and goes into fights woefully undertrained. When he couldn't get Sapo down off the first couple of attempts he looked like he wanted to tap out standing.

wish for the best

 Respect and best of luck to Lutter.  Came the closest before Chael to finishing Anderson in the UFC.

crazydave - I always wished Lutter would work with a top team because the guy could have been a world beater.

Now is as good a time as any to start worrying about your MMA career I guess...