LUXOME weighted blankets on sale/ free shipping

I finally pulled the trigger on a weighted blanket. I have been sleeping like shit to decided to give one a try.

Luxome costs alittle coin but I wanted the cooling 'cause I sleep warm. They are 50-60$ off with free shipping till Oct 1.

The wife wanted no part so I bought the Queen size with both a "minky" and bamboo side.

It has a removable cover. 165.00$

I have had it a week.

The 1st night sleeping with it was kinda rough. My heart started racing after about 10 mins for no reason. Then I was off to sleep. I slept for around 4 hrs straight (rare). When I woke up to pee I was out of it, bumping walls and shit (rare), But I could not go back to sleep.

After that it has been smooth sailing. The only downside is that I don't move around now, and certain parts hurt from not moving around and repositioning.

All in all it's fantastic. If you sleep like shit you may want to check it out.

It was well worth the price 100 times over.

It’s a bizarre trend. For millions of years, humans learned to sleep light and have the ability to move at the first sign of danger. Now we intentionally make moving harder to do. Its some real modern world shit, but here we are, and if it works for you, it works.

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They have been used to comfort people on the spectrum.

I have had tons off dental work done. It's comparable the vest they put on you before taking an X-ray.

That always calmed me down...I dunno

As far back as i can remember, I slept with a VERY HEAVY down blanket. Prob weighed around 5 maybe more pounds. I couldnt sleep with a light weight blanket. Even in summer. Ples as far back as i can remember, I wrapped myself in it. Like a papoose or swaddling

Due to allergerys I had to switch to a light weight. i got used to it, but my heating bills are through the roof now.

I must confess I discounted it for over a yr.

Hell, I lost a yrs of life sweating, tossing and turning

I goty wife a 20lb blanket.  We tried it for a week but hated it since the first night.  I was not able to move my legs and it was difficult to reposition that it would wake me up.  My wife hated the extra weight on her chest.

We ended up giving the blanket to my sister who loves the weighted blanket.

It’s like a symptom of a generation that really needs to be controlled and coddled to feel safe, probably due to years of increased single parentage and daycare. I assume the increased autism rates are also connected in some way to that. Infants and small children need to connect intimately with one person to feel a deep sense of security and well being, and I think they disconnect and are more at risk for autism when they don’t get that at the development stage that requires it.

Of course, that’s just my half assed theory and the bottom line is that if you aren’t sleeping well, this helps you, and you can afford it, more power to you, good sleep is good for your health.