lwp to xls conversion question

Anybody know how to convert a Lotus Word Pro file to an Excel file? I tried Changing extensions and opening it with word, and excel, but i get jibberish. Any help would be great! THANKS!

leave it as the correct (original) file extension, changing that only changes the name and not how the data is stored. THen open it with MS Excel (right click and select Open With...) or open excel, select File - Open and then browse to the file (you might have to change the file extension that Excel is looking for to see it). Once it's open select File - Save As... and save it as an excel spreadsheet. I'd be very very surprised if MS didn' make it so that excel could open lotus spreadsheets files.

If that doesn't work, then try openning it with Lotus and again selecting Save As... only this time see if it lets you save it as an MS Excel Spreadsheet, or at a minimum some other type of intermediate file type that MS Excel can open. I haven't used anything Lotus since the early 90's so I have no clue what it can and can't open.

Worse case, use OpenOffice to open it, it opens just about any type of office app and can save it to just about any type of office app file type. But if you don't want to download OpenOffice just to open and save a document, then you could send it to me (assuming it's not private data) and I can do it for you b/c I use OpenOffice on my computer (which is why I can't verify the MS Excel stuff on here for you).

Wait, re-reading your original post you say you're trying to open a Lotus Word Pro file with Excel. Again, I haven't used anything Lotus in a long time, is it a word/text document that you're trying to open with a spreadsheet application? Is that a typo or are you trying to open a text document with a spreasheet application. I can help you more you just need to let us know, I open text documents with excel all the time at work b/c it's the output of different queries run on the DB that get outputted as text files. But there are extra steps in there.

Let us know and we can help you more