Lyft or uber

What ride share do you use?

I have never used Lyft.

Same as door dash. I’ve only used Uber eats

but Lyft and door dash seem to be successful

Whatever is cheaper.


Tie goes to lyft. Whichever is cheaper.

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i just drive drunk everywhere. kidding. i only have one of them on my phone - i think lyft because i got a coupon at a liquor store once. never had a problem.



I have driven for both, and used both. I like Lyft riders better. They usually talk more and hold conversations. They used to be encouraged to sit up front and most of them still do. Uber riders still wear masks a lot and don’t talk much.

I have had some shitty Uber drivers too. The last one I used in Orlando was playing on her phone and missed the turn for my hotel, and she drove like shit. I gave her two stars and no tip.

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Work makes me use Lyft. I haven’t noticed a difference between either service in my experience.

Would you consider using a topless driver service?

Bro, free the nipple. There’s a new sheriff in town, and he’s nohomo.

I don’t use either service often as where I live doesn’t have anything like that but from my experience Lyft is typically cheaper and have had better drivers more often on Lyft, not that I’ve had a ton of bad experiences but the Lyft drivers have been friendlier

Generally, this. I get 10x miles with Lyft though so if it’s close I pick Lyft. Sometimes it’s not close

Yes sir!

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Those are glorious. Let’s take the bumpy road.

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I’ve got to go with Uber here in Buffalo because the drivers arrive in a timely manner whereas it’s difficult to get anyone who drives for Lyft to respond. But when it comes to food Door Dash beats Uber Eats, hands down.