Lyin' Ted 'Cancun' Cruz & the RepubliCONS at it AGAIN!?!

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You want a gun buy back like Jacinda or what cunt?

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‘I have got morons on my team:’ Romney hits GOP ties to white nationalists

I watched the video. What’s the fact check?

“May 28, 2022 Speakers at the National Rifle Association annual meeting assailed a Chicago gun ban that doesn’t exist, ignored security upgrades at the Texas school where children were slaughtered and roundly distorted national gun and crime statistics as they pushed back against any tightening of gun laws.”-----vid description

Mitt Romney?

Joe Biden told a predominately black audience that Mitt Romney “gonna put y’all back in chains”.

How could you point to Mitt Romney, a horrific racist according to our president, as a beacon of truth?


what a dinner table! would love to have a night out with these gentlemen


in this pic Ted sorta looks like that poor kid on the news being interviewed about his first day of kindergarten who is smiling and then breaks down into tears.

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What is the crime rate in the cities run by dumbocrats vs Republican run cities?

A door was left wide open for the shooter to just stroll into the building.

This is like installing a dashcam in your car but not plugging it into the outlet.

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followed by a Flight on Air Espstein too no doubt!

very odd how all the GiJoe Cosplay SpecLARP dorks living in RED SAFE SPACES need ASSAULT GUN$ to protect themselves while Me and the other OG “LEFTIES” living in Dangerous Libtard Cities AIN’T SKEERED and DON’T NEED ASSAULT GUN$ to protect ourselves

2 cunts and a coffee.

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Funny how those red spaces are safe.


That might be the video description, but that’s not what’s in the video you posted

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