Lynne Lane @ Renzo's

She is cool

*awaits a comeback from hell*

just give lynn the old forearm and that always keeps him/her happy ! LOL

Peace bro,

I hope to be back on the mat this week. I may actually stop in tonight.

Lynn is a real man of genius

Real American Heroes!/heroines...

Are you any relation to Lois Lane ?

Lynn has one nut so technically........ :-)

John...I will be there today. I have been out for a few days with a cold/
flu but have to get back today. are a real man of genius! hope to see you soon bro.

Having this name is a blessing and a curse. I am not cursed with that
dreaded one nut thing though! oh nckcrank...nice hair! Watch the cop


Renzo Gracie Association/ECJJF/Proud member of the male gender!

Hey, any pictures of the rash guards and vale tudo shorts?

LOL @ Dougie.

Gary Hughes

I'll be buying a regular Gi soon Lynn. I'll contact you when I do. The summer gi is great. Super light and nice to roll in.

The board shorts are in. The vale tudo shorts and rashguards should arrive this week or on Monday. We will have them at the academy next week for sure!


Renzo Gracie Association/ECJJF