Lyoto "Cheetah" Machida.. GO with it!

has a nice ring to it..and seems fitting for his fight style..

i first saw it here on the UG...i think the forum members should dub him and let it snowball into stardom.

he can publicly thank us later

joe mac

"defense wins"

its true...hes so hard to score on..if your opponent cant score, he cant win.

I like it. Cheetahs are cool and Cheetos might sponsor him.

What happened to the Ryoto?

All hail gorillagrappling for coming up with "macheetah"!

i approve of my own tread.


 i like the Dragon, in flight

You have to overlook the fact that Cheetahs run like hell in pursuit of their prey.

If the UG had any pull with fighter nick names we'd have officially licensed Creepy Joe and Techno Viking shirts.

Oh how I wish there was a Jardine Techno Viking shirt...

i once again approve of this thread.