Lyoto has words for his critics

 “Everyone has their own opinion and I really respect that. I am a martial artist, there is a lot of thought and strategy that goes into the way I fight. Give me time and in the future every one will understand my style. It is like jiu-jitsu in the beginning (UFC 1, 2, 3…), it was boring but now it is necessary. If you don’t like it, sorry. I always try to win. For some that is boring, I know, but I am beating the best in the world. After my fights I do not have nothing on my face, no scratches, no bruises. I am like a ghost they can not find me. If that is boring, that is their opinion. But I will be there for long time WINNING. Let everyone underestimate me. I will always be training ready for the next.”




He's 100% fucking correct.

It's gotta be maddening to fight him.

Love the style. Even if you dont love it, theres nobody else who can do it, so what's so bad about, if every 50th fight is his, and you have to watch him? the other fights are "the same" enough for you, so watch those.

I love it, cause he doesnt just run, as soon as you dont chase him, he's got stuff coming your way! Running is not staying just out of reach, ready to strike at any time you get sloppy. glad he is not apologetic

the ignore feature is the best thing on this website.

I just saw three posts of

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And I couldn't be happier.

i fell asleep just reading that.

Sounds like a job for:

This is the era of entertainment...and in no way is Lyoto close to being a major attraction. Part of the equation is that people have to "want" to watch you fight! Especially if you're a martial artist!

BabyZeus - Part of the equation is that people have to "want" to watch you fight! Especially if you're a martial artist!

then it's a good thing that alot of people want to watch him fight.

"then it's a good thing that alot of people want to watch him fight."

50 people on the UG isn't a lot really.

Karate done right!

Justinmacd - Not really. He gets like no ovation at the shows...

Not too mention 90% of his fights end in a shower of boos.

and since when does anyone in the logical world actually use crowd boo's as a gauge for anything? the crowd boos great shit all the time, their boo's mean nothing. i was talking about real fans not the drunk crowd idiots.

alot of people like to watch lyoto fight.

Except for when Machida KTFO ?

""I'd fight him," Franklin said. "The thing about a Machida fight that isn't appealing to me is that stylistically, Machida is kind of a boring fighter. "

 I just rewatched Lyoto-Tito fight yesterday from my DVR. I'm not going to sit here and do a strike-count analysis of the fight, but I got the distinct impression while watching the fight that Lyoto was not just landing more strikes that Tito but also throwing more strikes than Tito. Highlight reel takedown, crucifix with some nice highlight reel punches to the face and a bell save, highlight reel knockdown from flying knee to the liver, Rocky-like last minute triangle from Tito with great escape by Lyoto. I thought it was a great and very entertaining fight.

He fights smart, U gotta respect that.

Randy could have used that strategy to wear Brock down till the later rounds to impose his will.

Lyoto is going to be hard to beat.

disbeliever - He isnt going to be hard to beat imo. rich laid it out. There is two ways to win. Overwelm him with aggressiveness so he cannot backpedel and shift angles, or fight like rich said and not play his game.

yes, he isn't going to be hard to beat, that's why no one has ever beat him or even gotten close. great logic there.