Lyoto to replace Belfort?

It just might happen...........

I miss reading news on the forum before it hits other web pages. Whats your source?

I saw that Dana posted that Belfort was still in.Has there been a change?

As of right now, Belfort is NOT officially out. However they are tossing around a few names right now, and Lyoto IS one of them!


I'm really anxious to see Lyoto in action.

Who the hell is he?

Who and the hell is Lyoto????

Get a big name fighter that we know of.
Anybody less than Vitor's talent is gonna
get their ass handed to them just like Tito did.

What about Bas Rutten. He ain't as good as people
think. He fought before the primetime MMA even took
place. He fought when nobody worried bout cardio, just KO's.

Let's see him fight some real talent such as Couture,
beside Couture is older than Bas. Bas has been talking smack about wanting to fight Vanderlai, let's see step up to Randy.

Lyoto just KO'ed Rich Franklin on New Years eve.

Hey Franky

You need to go back up and read WTF I said.

I did NOT say Vitor was out.

I said that of right now, he was NOT out and that they were tossing around a few names and that Lyoto was one of them.

Dana ain't "squashed" a damn thing!

His name is Ryoto Machida - nickname is LYOTO.

He's only got 3 fights ! Much to early for him to fight Coture imo. Who knows ? I think Vitor is still in.

Lyoto hammered Franklin in his win. Dominated the ground, and dropped him in the first at the end of the round. Franklin was'nt the same after the first KD.

Lyoto has been given the name "Diamond Fist" in the gym. He apparently hits very hard.

The odd thing is Lyoto fights out of a Karate side stance, and is a southpaw. Very unusual.

If Vitor pulls out the main event will be off, no substitute, but Vitor wont pull out, he'd never get a main event shot ever again if he did, no matter what the reason.

I don't know johnny, a missing sister might be an adequate reason.